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Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing is a company document that states that a company has been in continuous, unbroken existence since its incorporation.

The Certificate of Good Standing confirms that all statutory administrative requirements have been complied with under the Companies Act in the country. It also confirms on the date of issue that no action is being taken by the Registrar of Companies to strike the company off the register.

The Certificate of Good Standing will not be issued by the registry if there are overdue fees or filings. The document can usually be provided certified and also Apostilled if required.

Order a Certificate of Good Standing

USA Certificate of Good Standing

We can provide a Certificate of Good Standing/ Certificate of Existence for USA companies registered in any state.

The Certificate of Good Standing shows:

  • Incorporation Date of the Company
  • Company Registration Number
  • The company has been duly incorporated under the relevant Companies Act
  • The company is still on the Register and the company has paid all fees, license fees
  • The Company has not submitted, to the Registrar, Articles of Merger or Consolidation that have not yet become effective
  • The Company has not submitted, to the Registrar, Articles of Arrangement that have not yet become effective
  • The Company is not in the process of being wound up or dissolved
  • No proceedings have been instituted to strike the name of the company off the said Register
  • In so far as is evidenced by the documents filed with the Registrar, the Company is in Good Legal Standing.
  • If required, details of all changes of company name
  • A statement that the company has been in continuous and unbroken existence since being incorporated
  • A statement that no action is being taken by Companies House to strike off the company and dissolve it
  • A statement that, as far as the Registrar is aware, the company is not in liquidation or subject to an administration order and no receiver or manager has been appointed.
  • Signed and authorised by the Companies Registry
  • Optional with Apostille
  • Send as PDF by email or with optional costs by DHL/FedEx Courier

Apostille Certificate

We can supply Apostilled Certificates of Good Standing, the apostille involves the addition of a certificate stamped on the document, this process is known as legalisation. Once legalised it enables the presenter to bypass further certification and immediately use the documents in the intended overseas country.