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China Company Credit Report

Our Chinese company credit reports contain information on the company, current financial data, registered share capital, registration details, key management staff and major shareholders.

We conduct an investigation on the target company and include the latest information on the company held by the Chinese Registry, credit recommendations are also included where financial data has been analysed.

A company credit report includes following information:

Registration details including:

  • Full company name – English name
  • Chinese company name
  • Company Registry – Chinese Province
  • Companies AIC Registration No.
  • Legal Representative – Full Name
  • Operating Duration – Perpetual
  • Changes in Company Registration – filed with the registry
  • Certificate/Licenses held
  • Operating Duration
  • Legal Business Scope – description

Executive Summary including:

  • Date of Incorporation/Establishment
  • Company Type – Stock limited company, Limited Liability Company
  • Registered Capital
  • Main Business Activity
  • Registered Address
  • Company contact details – telephone no, fax, email, website – where available
  • Tax Number
  • Organisation Code
  • Turnover, Net Profit, Total Assets, Net worth – where available
  • Company Status – Current Active Status of Company – Live
  • Licence Status
  • Import/Export permits held
  • Number of Employees – Number of Management Staff
  • Operation history
  • SIC code – Chinese code
  • Credit Rating

Shareholders and share details including:

  • Shareholders name – in English and Chinese
  • Nationality
  • Capital Subscribed – in Chinese Yuan
  • Percentage of shares held
  • Background details including address – where available

Affiliates, Subsidiaries and other related Companies including:

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Registered Address
  • Main business
  • Shares percentage held by subject

Management details including:

  • Director name – in English and Chinese
  • Position – Chairman, Vice Chairman – other details where available
  • Date of birth and Gender
  • Education and working history – where available

Credit Rating details including:

  • Credit Rating – the company’s size, history and background, finance in comparison with the industrial averages, and operations, credit record are taken into consideration
  • Credit recommendations – Base credit limit

Sales Information including:

  • Percentage of domestic sales
  • Major domestic clients
  • Percentage of Overseas sales
  • Major overseas clients
  • Key Competitors

Additional details including:

  • Trademarks and Patents registered including Registration Number, application date and details
  • Stock Exchange Information – where listed
  • Details of Main Products and Services
  • Bank name and address – where available
  • Operating address – including zone, purpose, property ownership

Latest Financial Accounts, where available including:

  • Balance Sheet- including total assets, total liabilities, total profit, net profit – where available
  • Analysis of financial data – where available

Industry profile including:

  • Industry Trend
  • Industry Association and membership details
  • General Comments

China Company Credit Report – Timescale

Chinese Credit Reports can be provided within 7 – 14 days, an express service is also available.

Sample Chinese Company Credit Report: