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Ireland Company Formation

Ireland Company Formations

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Our Ireland company formation package includes the following:

  • Irish Company Name Check
  • Structuring the company as per your requirements
  • Administration of pre-incorporation enquiries
  • Prepare your Company Registration Forms
  • Appoint the first Directors, Shareholders and Secretary
  • Drafting the Constitution
  • Allocation of the NACE code classification
  • Fast track electronic filing of documents with the Companies Registration Office – incorporation usually takes 4 days
  • Government licence fee payable on incorporation
  • Issue of Shares
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • 4 sets of the Constitution, one copy is held by the Companies Registration Office
  • Information Guide – principal duties and powers of Company Directors
  • Information Guide – principal duties and powers of Company Secretary
  • Draft minutes for your first meeting of directors
  • Combined Company Register including: Minute Book, 24 Share Certificates, Register of Charges, Register of Shareholders
  • Completion and filing of Form 11(f) (The Companies Act 2014)
  • The first RBO filing is included (subject to the completion of the relevant forms)
  • Delivery of documents
Ireland Fees to IncorporateIreland Annual Maintenance Fees
Company Formation incl RBO filing: £320Provision of Registered Office: £320
Provision of Registered Office: £320Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance –  £175
Preparation Company Annual Return: £180Company Secretary: £400
Company Secretary: £400

Company Directors

One director is required to be a permanent resident of a country in the European Economic Area.

Every company is required to have a minimum of 2 officers and where there is only one Director, this person cannot also be the Company Secretary.

Company Secretary

Irish companies are required to have a Company Secretary who has the duty of filing the annual return, accounts ensuring that the Companies Act 2014 is complied with and carry out other functions that may be within the constitution.

We will act as your Company Secretary if required

Share Capital – Shareholders

The issued Share Capital is the amount of shares that a company has issued out of its nominal share capital

We will initially issue one hundred shares, with a nominal value of €1 each.

The minimum number of shareholders required is one and 100% overseas shareholders are permitted.

Ireland EEA Director Bond – Resident Director

If your Irish Company does not have a Director who is resident in the European Economic Area, a Bond must be taken out and must have a minimum validity period of two years.

The Section 137 Non-Resident Directors Bond exempts companies registered in the Republic of Ireland from the requirement to have a Director who is resident in the European Union.

The Bond insures the company for a sum of €25,000 and we can arrange for a non-resident director bond to be deposited with the Irish government on your behalf.

The Constitution

The Constitution of a company sets out what the company may do which is very extensive and a NACE Code is required which outlines the principal activity of the company, which is used for statistical purposes.

Ireland Registered Office

This is the address where your company is officially located and where all legal documents are served and documents from the Revenue Commissioners and the Companies Registration Office.

It does not have to be the address where the business is carried out and we can provide your registered office address.

Procedure to Incorporate

Submission of Constitution, together with a Form A1 detailing the first Directors, Secretary, Share Capital, Principal Activity, NACE code and details of the Registered Office.

Central Register Beneficial Owner (R.B.O)

Any person who holds 25% or more of the company’s shares (whether directly or indirectly) is a beneficial owner. We require the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Residential address
  • PPS number/social security number/passport number
  • A statement of the nature and extent of the interest held by the beneficial owner

You will receive:


Original Certificate of Incorporation

Issued by The Companies Registration Office after incorporation showing your Company Name, your registered Company Number and Date of Incorporation.

Four Copies of the Constitution

These state the company name and sets out objectives of the company, and the share structure of the company. The Constitution contains the regulations for the company, including, rules on the allotment and transfer of shares, the appointment and removal of directors, conduct of board and general meetings, etc.

Company Directors and Company Secretaries Guidance Booklets

A detailed explanation of your responsibilities and obligations.

Registered Office Address

The Registered Office is the company’s address in Ireland to which formal communications are sent and we can provide the Registered Office for your company if required.

Combined Company Register

Here is where you record the issue of shares, transfer of shares, appointment and resignation of officers, minutes of board meetings etc. – the register contains: 24 Share Certificates Register of Members & Share Ledger Register of Directors & Secretaries Register of Mortgages & Charges