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About Us – System Day

System Day Ltd was incorporated 1992, but was established 26th January 1979.

We incorporate companies and provide our clients with a worldwide company document retrieval service, providing certified and apostilled copies of official company registry documents.

Obsessed about the detail

Our founder Paul is Asperger, right off the scale, very high IQ, few social skills, obsessed with getting every detail right. The result is a website which is highly unique with honest content that can’t be replicated, but is copied all the time by our rivals.

Helping your father

We’ll never give you advice or a service that we wouldn’t give to our own family and friends, never.

Love the complexity

Researching and translating complex information into readable content can be very gruelling. We love it.
We do whatever it takes to get the right answer. We dig further than anyone else, we really do.

  • We have incorporated several thousand businesses world wide since 1992.
  • We have a free online ask us a question page where any questions are answered promptly by our incorporations experts
  • Assist clients after incorporation with many additional services


We are registered under Money Laundering Act with Her Majesty Revenue & Customs, License Registration No. XQML00000145345.

We are registered under The Data Protection Act 1998 Registration No. Z6639080.

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We provide a gateway to a vast amount of company information, providing easy access to detailed data on a range of essential areas including: apostille, authentication, verification of company registrations, financial records and credit reports.

With one account, competitive pricing and a simplified ordering procedure that allows you to quickly purchase and receive any of the above services online.

Whether you are doing due diligence on a supplier, or checking out a competitor, we will be pleased to support you.

As incorporation agents our experience with the Companies Registries worldwide means we can obtain company documents, company reports and conduct comprehensive company searches.

All company searches and document orders are completely confidential and completely anonymous, your name is never disclosed.