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UK Ready Made Companies – Shelf Companies

All our Ready Made Companies are already incorporated with neutral names, they have never traded and are available for immediate transfer and the company name is easily changed if required.

  • Share Capital – there are no minimum share capital requirement
  • Directors – only 1 director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders – only 1 shareholder is required
Ready Made Companies – Incorporated 2020dateFee
Blockchain Network LtdMay 2020£180
Blockchain Tech LtdMay 2020£180
Capital Goals LtdAug 2020£180
Forshore Capital LtdMay 2020£180
Fortune Time LtdAug 2020£180
Le Money LtdMay 2020£180
Money Money LtdMay 2020£180
Moth Management LtdMay 2020£180
Pear Point LtdJun 2020£180
Power Assets LtdMay 2020£180
Pretties LtdMay 2020£180
Red Pearl LtdJul 2020£180
Strata Point LtdAug 2020£180
To & Fro LtdMay 2020£180
Twinkly Sky LtdMay 2020£180
Ready Made PLC
Advocet PLCJul 2020£720
Ravenhouse PLCAug 2020£720
UK Ready Made Companies with Bank Account
Blueberry Crush Ltd – bank account at Tide BankJun 2020£2,000
The Cullercoats Co Ltd – 35 years accts filed with bank account at Cater Allen Private Bank1984£30,000
UK Ready Made Companies with VAT registration
contact us for detailsApr 2020£2,800
contact us for detailsMay 2020£2,800
UK Ready Made Companies with websites
EuroCollect Ltd – – (25 years old)1994£18,000
Glug Glug Ltd – – glugglug.com2015£6,000

Transferring a Ready Made Company to you:

We can transfer one of our Ready Made companies to you within a few hours, to proceed simply send us an email.

Ready Made Companies – Incorporated 2003/2004 – 16+ years old

fee includes change of name, appointment of Directors and Shareholders

and 1 years Registered Office

A-Z Vitamins Ltd£3600
Aerospace & Defence Ltd£3600
Alcohol Ltd£3600
Amazing Pictures Ltd£3600
Aquilla Services Ltd£3600
Astro View Ltd£3600
August Trading Ltd£3600
Auto Team Ltd£3600
Azure Sky£3600
Beauty Edge Ltd£3600
Cambria 50 Ltd£3600
Cambria 51 Ltd£3600
Cannabis Ltd£3600
Chancer Ltd£3600
City Traders Ltd£3600
Complete Sales Ltd£3600
Cricket UK Ltd£3600
Digital Door Ltd£3600
Digital Radio Systems Ltd£3600
Digital Sound Systems Ltd£3600
E-Bug Ltd£3600
Auto Industries Ltd£3600
Eclips Retailers Ltd£3600
Planet Capital Ltd£3600
Eclips Snooker Ltd£3600
Evolution Wizard Ltd£3600
Fix Your PC Ltd£3600
Fossil Revolution Ltd£3600
Geometrical World Ltd£3600
Global News Ltd£3600
Global Weather Ltd£3600
Goldstar System Ltd£3600
Gremlin Ltd£3600
Aloe Ltd£3600
Jennifer Ltd£3600
Killer Ltd£3600
Kingston Direct Ltd£3600
Laser Pen Ltd£3600
Lockjaw Production Ltd£3600
Malcolm Ltd£3600
Marvellous Mechanics Ltd£3600
Melody Tracks Ltd£3600
Money Owl Ltd£3600
Money Sense Ltd£3600
Muse Invest Ltd£3600
Myna Agencies Ltd£3600
Optic Capital Ltd£3600
Overseas Sales Ltd£3600
Pollution Ltd£3600
Rapido Data Ltd£3600
Rum UK Ltd£3600
Sea Hear Ltd£3600
Sky Systems Ltd£3600
SO Management Ltd£3600
Solar Prism Ltd£3600
Sound Basis Ltd£3600
System First Ltd£3600
Terrific Ltd£3600
Vedeo Ltd£3600
White Systems Ltd£3600
Capital Sound Ltd£3600
Worldwide Gas Ltd£3600
Worldwide Snooker Ltd£3600
Casano Ltd£3600
Inventix Ltd£3600
MailPoint Ltd£3600
Cabmore Ltd£3600
Solar Capital Ltd£3600
Trains First Ltd£3600
Ready Made Companies – 2001
EuroFilms Ltd£8,000
Forman Management Ltd£8,000
Ready Made Company – 1994
UK Data Ltd – 25 years old£16,000

We will then require Due Diligence on the new Directors and Shareholders together with:

  • Copy of Passport for each officer
  • Proof of Residence for each officer – recent bank or credit card statement

We prepare the company documents appointing the new directors and shareholders, these documents are all filed the same day with Companies House.

Copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association are emailed to you and the originals are sent out to you in our company pack.