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UK Ready Made Company

UK Ready-Made Companies – Shelf Companies

All our Ready-Made Companies are already incorporated with neutral names, they have never traded and are available for immediate transfer and the company name is easily changed if required.

  • Share Capital – there are no minimum share capital requirement
  • Directors – only 1 director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders – only 1 shareholder is required
Ready Made Companies – Incorporated 2024datefee
Brite Lights LtdJan 2024£220
Ready Made Companies – Incorporated 2023datefee
Foxer LtdDec 2023£220
Moon Glow LtdDec 2023£220
Pin Can LtdNov 2023£220
Elin Services LtdOct 2023£220
Top Insight LtdSep 2023£220
UK Ready Made Company – almost 40 years old
The Cullercoats Co Ltd1984£30,000
UK Ready Made Companies with domains
Glug Glug Ltd – – (8 years old)2015£8,000

Transferring a Ready-Made Company to you:

We can transfer one of our Ready-Made companies to you within a few hours, to proceed simply complete the form below.

UK Annual Compliance fees
Registered Office: £280
Company Secretary recommended: £400
Director’s Register Maintenance: £180
Shareholders Register Maintenance: £180
Compliance fee: £200


Ready Made Companies – Incorporated 2003/2004/2006 – 20+ years old £550
fee includes change of name, appointment of Directors and Shareholders and one years Registered Office service.
April Fool LtdMyna Agencies LtdLight Services Ltd
Rapido Data LtdLockjaw Productions LtdSolar Capital Ltd
Satellite Ventures LtdMailPoint LtdAquila Services Ltd
Chancer LtdPlanet Capital LtdWhite Systems Ltd
Global News LtdCabmore LtdTrain First Ltd
Alcohol LtdSnooke LtdCasano Ltd
Vedeo LtdCambria 50 LtdMarvellous Mechanics Ltd
A-Z Vitamins LtdCricket UK LtdPollution Ltd
Solar Prism LtdLaser Pen LtdGame Works Ltd
Goldstar System LtdMelody Tracks LtdGlobal Weather Ltd
Capital Sound LtdAzure Sky LtdCity Traders Ltd
Evolution Wizard LtdMoney Owl LtdDigital Door Ltd
Geometrical World LtdFossil Revolution LtdSky Systems Ltd
Optic Capital LtdDigital Sound Systems LtdSee Hear Ltd
Overseas Sales LtdE-Bug LtdAloe Ltd
Astro View LtdDigital Radio Systems LtdBeauty Edge Ltd
Muse Invest LtdSound Basis LtdKingston Direct Ltd
Auto Industries LtdGold Plus LtdAuto Team Ltd
Eclips Retailers LtdZed Systems LtdSystem First Ltd
Fuse Finance LtdAugust Trading LtdBeech Assets Ltd
Euro Zone LtdComplete Sales LtdGreen Guardian Ltd
Fix Your PC LtdSO Management LtdCreative Sense Ltd
Ace Advisors LtdPublic Eye LtdHazel Invest Ltd
Teal Edge LtdCambria 52 LtdPax Services Ltd
Cambria 51 LtdRay Systems LtdGreen One Ltd
Star Studios Ltd
Ready Made Companies – 20 years old – Prestigious Names from £6,000
Killer LtdTerrific LtdJennifer Ltd
Cannabis LtdMalcolm Ltd
Ready Made Companies – 2001 £6,400
Forman Management Ltd
EuroFilms Ltd
Ready Made Company – 1994 £16,000
UK Data Ltd – 30 years old

How a shelf company will save you time

The company is already registered at Companies House and therefore changing the officer details is the only requirement. Changing officer details can be done electronically and takes a few hours.
You will have the confidence that the company has been set up correctly by experts.

We will require due diligence on the new Directors and Shareholders as follows:

  • Copy of Passport for each officer
  • Proof of Residence for each officer – recently dated utility bill, bank or credit card statement

We prepare the company documents appointing the new directors and shareholders, these documents are filed immediately the company is purchased with Companies House.

Copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association are emailed to you and the originals are sent in our company pack.