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UK Companies Registry

UK Company Registry – UK Companies House

All limited companies in the UK are registered at Companies House which is an Executive Agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Companies House functions

  • Incorporate and dissolve limited companies
  • Examine and file company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation; and
  • Make this information available to the public

Services we provide in the UK

UK Company Formations – We file all applications for new companies electronically, allowing for UK limited companies to be incorporated and registered with Companies House within 1 day

UK Company Restorations – Property that a UK company owns at the date of dissolution is deemed to be Bona Vacantia and will belong to the Crown. Restore your UK company effectively with our UK restoration service

UK Registered Office Service – We can act as your UK Registered Office.  We provide our address as your company’s official address registered with Companies House

UK Company Dissolution – If you longer require your UK company then we can assist with the dissolution under the UK Companies Act

UK Certificates of Good Standing – We provide a fast service for Registry Certified and Apostilled UK Certificates of Good Standing

UK Company Search Reports – Find out the current status of any UK company with our registry searches. We can provide registry certified copies of company documents

UK Overseas Entity Registration – We are an appointed Companies House UK Regulated Agent

UK Companies Act 2006

The UK Companies Act 2006 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which regulates companies incorporated under UK Company Law.

UK Registry Filing Requirements

Under section 444 of the Companies Act 2006 the directors of a company must deliver to the registrar for each financial year the accounts and reports.

Every UK company, including dormant and non trading companies, must file a confirmation statement annually which confirms the information Companies House holds about your company is up to date. You must file a confirmation statement at least once a year but,  you may choose to file more often.

The Gazette

The Gazette consists largely of statutory notices. Many notices that are placed in the Gazette are statutory and required by law, and many others are published because it is deemed to be in the public interest that the information they contain be made available in the public domain. The Company Law Supplement is published weekly and details information notified by the Registrar of Companies including UK companies struck off, company restorations and company name changes.

Overseas Entity Register

Any overseas company owning UK real estate must by the 31 January 2023 have submitted its beneficial ownership information through a Companies House appointed UK Regulated Agent.

We are an approved Companies House UK Regulated Agent and can complete your Overseas Entity Registration.

We have the Companies House agent assurance code for registering overseas entities and can carry out the verification checks.

Even though the deadline to register on the Overseas Entity Register has now passed those entities that have failed to file need to act fast to rectify the situation and mitigate the financial and criminal sanctions that they will now face

UK Registry address

Registrar of Companies
Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ