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Company Restoration

Company Restoration

We can restore your company to the Register to enable you to continue trading or recover an asset.

For details of the Company Restoration process please click on the country link:

Company Restoration is required to continue trading or to release an asset.  At dissolution all property and assets are automatically vested in the Crown or the State.

Once the assets are frozen, they cannot be accessed by the company’s directors or shareholders.

The company officers have no authority to deal with company assets and expose themselves to personal and civil liability should they continue to trade.

Once your company has been restored to the register it is considered to never have been struck off and deemed to have been in continuous existence since incorporation.

You can apply for a company restoration if you are a Director, Shareholder or beneficial owner of the company.

To restore your company and continue trading or to release an asset we need to bring your company up to date by the payment of outstanding licence fees, penalties, filings, filing fees and the company restoration fee.

Please complete our restoration enquiry form and we will contact you for further information.