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Nevada Company Restoration

USA – Nevada Company Restoration – Company Reinstatement

We can reinstate your Nevada Corp or LLC with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Restoring your Nevada Company

If your corporation has been dissolved and is no longer in good standing, you may face state penalties, fines, and other fees for non-compliance in Nevada.

We can assist you with filing the necessary documents to get your Nevada corporation back into Good Standing.

Nevada Company Restoration fees

Nevada Company Restoration fees
Nevada Government Restoration Fee$300
Payment of all Nevada Government fees and penalties per year struck off$150
Drafting Resolution to appoint Registered Agent£120
Filing fee to appoint new registered agent$150
State Business License$200
State Business License Late feeUS$100
Due Diligence – per Director & Shareholder£80
Company Search£40
Our Assistance Fee to Restore Nevada Company£400
2% Transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to Nevada – to cover exchange rate changes, bank charges and fees

Penalty Fees

If your Corporation is in Revoked Status, the State of Nevada will charge a $300 Reinstatement Fee.

Regardless of whether the Corporation is in Default or Revoked Status, it will need to pay each back year’s Annual List Fee, which is $150 per year and  back year will also have a Late Fee of $75.

You will need to pay each back year’s Business License Late Fee which is $250 for Corporations and $100 for LLC’s and pay the current year’s Annual List and Business License fee.

Good Standing Status

In order for the Nevada Secretary of State’s office to issue a Certificate of Good Standing, your Nevada Corporation is required to be up to date in the filing of all its Annual Returns.

Nevada Corporation Reinstatement after 5 years

A Nevada Corporation can be reinstated within 5 years of dissolution.

A revoked Corporation may restore its right to carry on business in Nevada by filing for reinstatement by submitting the following documents:

  • File Certificate of Revival with the Nevada Secretary of State
  • File Annual List – with directors listed
  • Registered Agent Acceptance or Statement of Change of Registered Agent
  • Pay any fees, missing annual reports and penalties

Transferring Registered Agent

In order to change the Registered Agent, we will file the Statement of Registered Agent Change Form with the Nevada Secretary of State which we will file it with State of Nevada.

Except as otherwise provided, a renewal or revival relates back to the date on which the corporation’s charter expired or was revoked and renews or revives the corporation’s charter and right to transact business as if such right had at all times remained in full force and effect.