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USA Company Reinstatement

USA Company Reinstatement

USA Company Reinstatement is the process of returning an inactive, struck off or dissolved company to Good Standing within its state.

All companies in the USA are subject to pay state filing fees and state taxes and if  a company fails to complete these requirements, the company will cease to have Good Standing within the state.

We can assist with filing all the required documents to have your USA company reinstated.

Dissolved Company

Companies that are no longer in Good Standing risk administrative dissolution by the state department. If a company is dissolved, the company will no longer benefit from limited liability status and the owners are responsible for any debts incurred by the company. Additionally, the directors and shareholders will lose access to all assets held in the company’s name including bank accounts and property.

Reinstatement Process

In order to reinstate a US company, the company must resolve all outstanding government fees and penalties the company has incurred. The company must also file the necessary annual documents with the state.

Once all fees and penalties have been paid, the company will be reinstated to a status of Good Standing as if the company had never been removed from the register. The company’s directors will regain access to all assets held in the company’s name.

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