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Bermuda Company Restoration

Bermuda Company Restoration

We can assist you to restore your company to the Bermuda Registrar of Companies if it has been struck off or dissolved.

You can apply to the Registrar of Companies to restore your company to the Registry within 20 years of the date that the company was struck off, under section 261(6) of the Companies Act 1981.

Bermuda Company Restoration costs

  • Bermuda Registrar Restoration fee – $270
  • Resolution to appoint new Bermuda Registered Agent – US$150
  • Filing fee to appoint new Registered Agent – US$150
  • Legal fees – around $6,500
  • Company Search and checking the company file – £150
  • Late filing penalty fees per year – £450
  • Annual fee for an Exempt Company – $2,295
  • Provision of Registered office and Resident Representative – £1,800
  • Resident Company Secretary – £3,000
  • Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance – £180
  • 2% Transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to Bermuda – to cover exchange rate changes, bank charges and fees

Bermuda Company Restoration Process

To start the process of restoring your company, all outstanding Government fees and penalties due to the Registrar of Companies must be paid, along with the restoration fee and the application fee.

The court does require an explanation of why the company was struck off and why it is to be restored and for that you will complete a Declaration, a Register Office form and a Draft petition.

A list of the beneficial owners must be forwarded to the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

If the Bermuda Monetary Authority has no objection, they will inform the Registrar of Companies who, in turn, will forward no objection letters to the applicants representative and the Attorney General Chambers.

Once the case is heard in court and approved, a court order will grant the restoration.

When the Registrar of Companies receives the Court Order, the company will be restored to the Registry.

The final stage of the restoration is a notice of the restoration being published in the Royal Gazette.

Company Directors and Shareholders

When a Bermuda company is restored, the previous Directors, Company Secretary and Shareholders are automatically assumed to have continued.