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Bermuda Company Documents

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Bermuda Company Document examples

As company incorporation agents our experience with the Bermuda Registrar of Companies means we can obtain company reports, certified copies of official documents held by the registry on any registered company. A certified document is where the Bermuda Registrar of Companies stamps the document to verify its authenticity.

The certified company documents from the Bermuda Registrar of Companies can be Apostilled, which means they are signed and stamped by the Ministry to confirm the authenticity of the signature and registry stamp.

Bermuda Company Documents
Company Search Report£1885-7 days
Certificate of Good Standing Registry Certified£3803-4 days
Certificate of of Good Standing Apostilled£55010-16 days
Certificate of Incorporation Registry Certified£3805-7 days
Memorandum and Articles Registry Certified£3805-7 days
Expedite fee£75

Bermuda Registrar of Companies

Bermuda Companies Registry

Bermuda Companies Registry – Registrar of Companies
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton HM HX

The Registrar of Companies is a Bermuda Government Department, which comes under the Ministry of Economic Development. They are responsible for the administration of Bermuda Companies, Company Name Reservations, Company Annual Fees, Real Estate and Insolvency and the daily operations of international and domestic businesses in Bermuda.

The ROC registers all Limited Liability Companies, under the guidelines of The Companies Act 1981 which, first came into operation in July 1983.

Bermuda Company Search Report

A Bermuda company search report will also include the registration details of the company and confirmation of its existence.

Information obtained from the Bermuda Registrar of Companies included in the search report includes:

  • Company Name
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Registration Number
  • Company Type – local company, overseas company or exempted company
  • Public Register Search with the ROC – Bermuda Registrar of Companies
  • Company Registration details
  • Company Status – Active/ In Good Standing, Struck off, Dissolved
  • Resident Agent Name
  • Resident Agent Address
  • Resident Agent Contact Info: where available
  • Registered Office Address/ Principal Office Address
  • Capital (000’s) General Info
  • Minimum Share Capital – expressed in US$
  • Authorised Share Capital – expressed in US$
  • Original Share Capital Currency
  • Directors Register – The Companies Act 1981 was amended by adding section 92B to provide for a Register of Directors in respect of Bermuda registered companies to be kept by the Registrar of Companies. Every Bermuda company must now file with the Registrar a list of its directors – this where available would include the Directors Full Name and Address

The search report confirms when the company was incorporated in Bermuda under the Bermuda Companies Act, 1981, the Registration Number and includes other company information.

A company is required to maintain certain records and documents with its Registered Agent including the Directors and Shareholders registers. Our search report will provide you with the details of the registered agent but, not details of the shareholders. Directors details will only be provided if the directors register is filed by the company at the registry.

A Bermuda exempted company is not required to file financial accounts with the Registrar.

Bermuda Company Documents

Copies of the official filed Bermuda company documents can be obtained for you, from the Bermuda Registrar of Companies. This includes copies of the following company documents:

  • Bermuda Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bermuda Certificate of Compliance/ Certificate of Good Standing
  • Memorandum of Association / Company Statutes

Bermuda Certificate of Incorporation

We can provide a certified copy of the original Certificate of Incorporation issued when a Bermuda company was incorporated.

The Certificate of Incorporation is an official document issued by the Bermuda Registrar of Companies and includes the Bermuda company name, company registration number and incorporation date.

If the Bermuda company is one that continued to Bermuda a Certified Certificate of incorporation is not available but, a Certified Certificate of Continuance can be provided.

Certificate of Good Standing – Certificate of Compliance

We can supply a Certificate of Good Standing/ Certificate of Compliance which is issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and certifies that the Bermuda company is incorporated under the laws of Bermuda on the date issued and is in Good Standing under the Companies Act 1981. The certificate of Compliance is signed and has the seal of the Bermuda Registrar of Companies.

A Bermuda company that is not in compliance and has not paid their annual fee to the Bermuda Registrar of Companies. A company can show the status as active with the Bermuda Registrar of Companies, but not be in compliance.

A Certificate of Compliance/ Certificate of Good Standing will not be issued by the Registrar if your Bermuda company is not in compliance. They will require all outstanding fees and penalties to be paid to issue a Certificate of Compliance.

Apostilled Bermuda Company Documents

We can provide an Apostilled Certificate of Compliance, this is drafted as a certified document by the Bermuda Registrar of Companies and then Apostilled at the Supreme Court. We get a scanned copy emailed through as soon as prepared and the original document couriered through.

Bermuda Company Filing Requirements

Every exempted company shall every January submit to the Registrar of Companies a declaration signed on behalf of the company as to the company’s principal business and its assessable capital together with the appropriate fee payable.

A Bermuda exempted company is not required to file accounts with the Bermuda Registrar of Companies.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association is a company document is retained on file at the Registrar of Companies. The authorised share capital will be set out in the Memorandum together with the names of the initial subscribers for shares in the company, the objects of the company and its powers. If the company moved to Bermuda a copy of the Memorandum of Association is not available, a copy of the Memorandum of Continuance is supplied instead.

Bermuda Registry Letter – Dissolved

The Registrar of Companies can draft a letter confirming a Bermuda company was Struck off and Dissolved off the register. This includes the date the company was dissolved and details of the government notice: No.823 pursuant to section 261 of the Companies Act 1981.

Bermuda Company Restoration

If your Bermuda company has been struck-off, we can assist with restoring your company to the Bermuda register.

To bring the company back into compliance all outstanding fees would have to be paid and an annual declarations filed with the registry together with details of the Registered Office. We can provide registered office services in Bermuda and assist with getting your company back into Good Standing.

Order Bermuda Company Documents

The Bermuda company documents are prepared by the Bermuda registry and are then sent by email and the original by courier where required. If you are a UK based client VAT will be added to your order.