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Vanuatu Company Restoration

Vanuatu Company Restoration

Companies who have been removed from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s Register under the 2009 Companies Act need to apply to have the company restored to the register.

If you do not re-register your company, this does not mean you have wound up or liquidated your company.  Contracts you have signed with other parties will still be enforced against your company, loans will still be enforced against your company, and you may still be sued as a company.

If you do not re-register your company, under the Vanuatu Companies Act 2009, all of the assets of the company transfer to the Crown therefor your company will no longer own property, stock, equipment etc.

By restoring your company to the register, you will be able to continue with business as usual, as all assets automatically transfer back to the Company on restoration.

Vanuatu Company Restoration fees

  • Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Restoration fee US$250
  • Take over authority of the company and Restore to the Register – £680
  • Provision of Registered Agent and Registered Address  – £760
  • Outstanding Annual Registration fee – $300 per year
  • Due Diligence – per Director & Shareholder – £80
  • Annual Renewal fee USD$300
  • Penalty fee per year USD$100
  • Additional disbursements to the Vanuatu Financial Services
  • Obtaining the file from the existing registered agent and upgrading the file, fee £220
  • 2% Transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to Vanuatu – to cover exchange rate changes, bank charges and fees
  • Our fee to Restore Vanuatu Company £640

After Restoration:

There is a representation fee of £760 per year for acting as Registered Agent and Registered Office

Company Restoration Process

We will need to collect the company’s statutory files from the current registered agent and depending on the files we may need to undertake some due diligence with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

We will also contact the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission to obtain what fees and penalties are outstanding.

We need to provide the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission – Register of Companies with details of the shareholders, directors, addresses etc.

Company Directors and Shareholders

When a Vanuatu company is restored, the previous Directors, Company Secretary and Shareholders are automatically assumed to have continued.