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Seychelles Company Restoration

Seychelles Company Restoration

We can restore a Seychelles company after it has been struck off by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, within 12 years following the strike off date and apply to the court to have the company restored to the Register.

In order for a struck off company to be restored by the Seychelles Registrar the following fees must be paid:

  • Overdue Government licence fees
  • Penalty fees owed to the Seychelles registry
  • Seychelles Restoration Fee
  • Payment of all unpaid agent fees
  • All Accounts Records  will need to be drafted and filed.
  • Filing fees to the Companies Registry on the restoration application
  • As per the IBC Act of 2016 the IBC will need to during restoration file their directors register with the registry to ensure that they are compliant once restored

Once your company has been restored to the register it is considered to be in Good Standing and deemed to have never been struck off the Register.

Seychelles Company Restoration fees

Seychelles Company Restoration fees
Our Assistance fee to Restore Seychelles Company£960
Seychelles Government Restoration feeUS$600
Seychelles Government annual fees and penalties per year struck offUS$570
Amendment of ArticlesUS$150
Amendment of MemorandumUS$150
Filing Register of DirectorsUS$100
Filing of Register of Beneficial OwnersUS$50
Resolution and Filing Fee to new Seychelles Registered Agent£255
Drafting and filing each annual return£120
Certified Documents to the Seychelles Registered Agent£80
Gazette Newspaper NoticesUS$75
Registered Office and Resident Agent fee per year struck off£420
Due Diligence fee – per Director & Shareholder£80
Company Search£188
Court fee if necessary, aroundUS$4000
Certificate of Good Standing£100
2% Transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to the Seychelles – to cover exchange rate changes, bank charges and fees

Late payment of the government filing fees in the Seychelles will result in a 50% late penalty fee.

Seychelles Administrative Restoration

The Registrar can now restore dissolved IBCs without the need to apply to Court. An application to restore the name of a struck off or dissolved company to the Register may be made to the Registrar within one year of the date of the striking off and within five years of the date of dissolution.

The Registrar shall not restore the name of a company if the Registrar is not satisfied that the company is in compliance with its obligations —

  • Under the IBC Act relating to accounting records, register of members and directors; and
  • Under the Beneficial Ownership Act, 2020 relating to register of beneficial owners.

Seychelles Company Restoration procedure

  • Obtain a Company Search report
  • Obtaining and perusing relevant filings and various related documents
  • Drafting and completing the documents necessary for the application
  • Drafting the Restoration Order
  • Serving documents and communicating with the Registrar of Companies
  • Advertisement – if required
  • Filing the application with the Court if necessary
  • Attending Seychelles Court Hearing

Disbursements and Expenses:

  • Outstanding filing fees on annual returns
  • Penalty for late filings and other penalties
  • Court filing fees
  • Under the IBC Act of 2016, all active IBC need to file their directors register with the registry to ensure that they are compliant
  • Filing fees to the Companies Registry on the restoration application

Seychelles Court Restoration

Under Seychelles law the company having been struck off for 7 years, the company is dissolved.

Companies which are struck off, but not yet dissolved is restored by the Registrar upon receipt of  payment of restoration fee and annual fees and penalties for the outstanding years.

When the company is already dissolved, restoration of the company is by the Court, under S.277 of IBC Act 2020.

The lawyer’s fees are $4000 to represent the company in the Court .The Court decision can take up to 9 months.

Company Directors and Shareholders

When a Seychelles company is restored, the previous Directors, Company Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Office are automatically assumed to have continued and shall be deemed never to have been struck off.