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Seychelles Company Dissolution

The voluntary winding-up of a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC)  requires preparing and filing a declaration of solvency, producing a statement of assets and liabilities, appointing an administrator, publishing announcements in the local media, preparing and filing several resolutions and documents with the Registry.

Seychelles IBC Dissolution Process

The dissolution process is for the Shareholder to sign a member’s resolution which must be sent to us to start the process.

The next step is to appoint a liquidator, the director can appoint his own liquidator or can act as the liquidator himself.

The liquidator needs access to the documents of the company and  the tasks that he has to carry out under the law :

  • a liquidator shall, upon his appointment and upon the commencement of a winding up and dissolution, proceed:
  • to identify all assets of the company
  • to identify all creditors of and claimants against the company;
  • to pay or provide for payment of, or to discharge, all claims, debts, liabilities and obligations of the company
  • to distribute any surplus assets of the company to the members in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles
  • to prepare or cause to be prepared a statement of account in respect of the actions and transactions of the liquidator: and
  • to send a copy of the statement of account to members if so required by the plan of dissolution

The Director signs the plan of dissolution and the members signs the resolution of members, we will prepare these documents to send to you for signing.

The remaining steps will be as follows:

Once these documents have been signed,  we submit the plan of dissolution and minutes to the FSA, then upon receipt of the Letter of Approval from FSA, the notice of dissolution will be published;

Two Publications of notice of dissolution must be made in Seychelles: in a local newspaper and in the official gazette;

Publication of the notice of dissolution must also be made in a local newspaper in the country where the company has its principal office

The originals of the 3 publications must be submitted to FSA together with the statement of completion of the dissolution.

We will prepare this document as well and once signed the client must return a scanned copy to us by email;

FSA will then issue the Certificate of Dissolution;