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Seychelles Company Dissolution – Closing a Seychelles Company

If you no longer require your company and wish to have it struck off the company register we can assist with a Seychelles Company Dissolution.

There are many reasons a company may need to file for dissolution beyond simply ceasing trading or maybe not even getting started.

Other reasons include a retirement, merging with another company or being acquired.

Irrespective of the reason it is very important to take the necessary steps to dissolve the company correctly, don’t just leave it and walk away.  As a Director you need to comply with regulations as well as protect yourself from potential risk and fines.

Seychelles Company Dissolution fees

  • Our Service Fee – £200
  • Disbursements  – £150
  • Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office – £350
  • Seychelles Liquidation – US$1,200
  • 3% Bank transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to the Seychelles to cover exchange rate, bank charges and fees

Having your Seychelles Company Dissolved

Having your Seychelles company voluntarily dissolved rather than struck off by the FSA has many advantages:

  • It maintains the company’s directors and shareholders reputation for future business ventures
  • It is a straightforward process

Requirements to dissolve your company

  • The shareholders of the company must formally agree to dissolve the company
  • The company must not have any outstanding assets or liabilities / A statement of assets and liabilities must be produced
  • The company must not be involved in any litigation
  • The company must be solvent, a declaration confirming solvency must be filed
  • The company must be in Good Standing with the Registrar
  • Announcements must be published in the local newspaper

Seychelles IBC Dissolution Process

The dissolution process is started by the Shareholders signing a member’s resolution to dissolve/liquidate the company.

The director can then appoint a liquidator.

The liquidator shall, upon his appointment and upon the commencement of a winding up / dissolution, proceed to:

  • identify all assets of the company
  • identify all creditors of and claimants against the company
  • pay or provide for payment of, or to discharge, all claims, debts, liabilities and obligations of the company
  • distribute any surplus assets of the company to the members in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles
  • prepare, or cause to be prepared, a statement of account in respect of the actions and transactions of the liquidator;  and
  • send a copy of the statement of account to members if so required by the plan of dissolution

The Director signs the plan of dissolution and the members signs the resolution of members, we will prepare these documents for your signature.

We submit the signed plan of dissolution and minutes to the FSA.

The FSA send a Letter of Approval.

The notice of dissolution are then published in a local newspaper and in the official gazette

The originals of the publications and the statement of completion of the dissolution must be submitted to the FSA.

The FSA will then issue the Certificate of Dissolution.

Once your company has been dissolved, no creditors will have any recourse against the IBC.  There is also no deferred or potential liability for the directors, shareholders and owners of the IBC.