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Seychelles Company Dissolution

Seychelles Company Dissolution – Closing a Seychelles Company

If you no longer require your company and wish to have it struck off the company register we can assist with a Seychelles Company Dissolution.

The proper procedure for discontinuation of an International Business Company is a Voluntary Winding-Up. It  involves preparing and filing a declaration of solvency, producing a statement of assets and liabilities, appointing an administrator, publishing announcements , preparing and filing several resolutions and documents with the Registry.

Seychelles Company Dissolution fees
Seychelles Company Dissolution£800
Company Search£120
Due Diligence – per Director and Shareholder£80
Seychelles Agent fee£400
Change of Registered Agent and Registered Office£960
Dissolution – US$1,200 drafting of documents for the liquidator and filings in Seychelles£960
Seychelles Liquidation feeUS$2000
Seychelles Compliance and Admin£200
2% Bank transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to the Seychelles to cover exchange rate, bank charges and fees
Seychelles FSA outstanding fees and penalties
Current Registered Agent transfer out fee and any fees outstanding to them


Voluntary Liquidation – Upon completion of dissolution, you will receive an official Certificate of Dissolution from the Registrar.

Whether the company is dissolved or struck-off, it is still required by the Seychelles IBC Act to provide accounting records for the last 7 years, until the date of the last transaction.

Requirements to dissolve your company

  • The shareholders of the company must agree to dissolve the company
  • The company must not have any outstanding assets or liabilities
  • The company must not be involved in any litigation
  • The company must be solvent, a declaration confirming solvency must be filed
  • The company must be in Good Standing with the Registrar
  • Announcements must be published in the local newspaper

• Client to provide email for registration on NextCloud portal and accounting records to be uploaded

Upon completion of dissolution you shall receive a Certificate of Dissolution, should you require courier and/or apostille please advise as these are separate costs.

As we are not the registered agent of this company it shall first have to be transferred to us and then dissolved.
Before beginning the transfer and dissolution, please advise on the following:
  • Is the company currently in good standing?
  • Why do you wish to dissolve the company?

Kindly provide us with the following documents, should you wish to proceed:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Registers of:
    • Directors
    • Shareholders
    • Beneficial Owners
    • Charges
  • Beneficial Owner Declaration
  • Accounting records for the past 7 years
  • Appointment of First Director
  • Resolution of Directors to change RA/RO
  • Certified Due Diligence documents on the Directors/Shareholders/Beneficial Owners
    • Valid passport/ID (certified as true likeness)
    • Recent proof of address (not older that 3 months)

Seychelles IBC Dissolution Timescale

The process of voluntary liquidation takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Seychelles IBC Dissolution Process

Upon completion of dissolution the client will receive a Certificate of Dissolution from the registrar

Whether the company is dissolved or struck-off, it is still required by the Seychelles IBC Act to provide accounting records for the last 7 years

We submit the signed plan of dissolution and minutes to the FSA then the notice of dissolution is published in a local newspaper and in the official gazette

Once your company has been dissolved, no creditors will have any recourse against the IBC.  There is also no deferred or potential liability for the directors, shareholders and owners of the IBC.

To start the process and to enable us to give a precise quote we require copies of the company documents, please upload: Company Documents

We will then inspect the company file at the Financial Services Authority in the Seychelles.