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Estonia Company Restoration

Estonia Company Restoration

If your Estonia company has been Dissolved, we can assist you having it restored to the Companies Register. To restore your company back into Good Standing and continue trading you will need to bring the company’s filings up-to-date and pay any registry penalties to the Estonia Commercial Register.

Once your Estonia company has been restored to the register it is considered to never have been struck off and deemed to have been in continuous existence since incorporation.

Estonia Company Administrative Restoration

In order for a struck off company to be restored by the Estonia Registrar the following fees must be paid:

  • Overdue Government licence fees
  • Penalty fees owed to the Estonia registry
  • Estonia Restoration Fee
  • Payment of all unpaid agent fees
  • All Annual Returns will need to be drafted and filed
  • Filing fees to the Companies Registry on the restoration application
Estonia Company Restoration fees
Our Service Fee for an Administrative Restoration£1400
Estonia Agent transfer fee€600
Due Diligence – per Director and Shareholder£80
Company Search and checking the company file£80
Directors Register Maintenance£120
Preparation and filing of Annual Returns£200 per year
Preparation and filing of Accounts£280 per year
Provision of Registered Office£580
2% Transfer fee – to cover exchange rate changes, bank charges and fees

Once the company has been struck off, neither the company nor any directors or shareholders may carry on any business or in any way deal with the assets or affairs of the company.

When an Estonia company is restored, the previous Directors, Company Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Office are automatically assumed to have continued.

Updating Documents for an Estonia Company

  • All outstanding Annual Returns with certified true copies of financial statements, together with payment of the annual registration fees
  • A Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office if there had been any change of Registered Office address before or after the dissolution of the company
  • A Notice of Change of Company Secretary and Director, if there had been any change relating to company secretary and / or director(s) before or after the dissolution of the company

Transfer Estonia Registered Agent

An Estonia company can only be restored by the Registered Agent on record, or the agent can be transferred, which we can organise.

After the Estonia company is restored, we’ll also render the services below to your Estonia company in order to ensure the continual compliance with Estonia Companies law:

  • Provision of annual registered office
  • Provision of annual company secretarial services
  • Provision of annual tax compliance services

Once your Estonia company is restored to the register it is deemed never to have been struck off and to have been in continued existence.