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Malta Company Restoration

Malta Company Restoration

We can restore Malta companies that have been Struck-Off the Malta Registrar of Companies.

When all the fees and penalties are paid, the Registrar shall restore the name of the company to the register and the company shall be deemed never to have been struck-off  and deemed to have been in continued existence.

Terms of timing, they are quite slow – usually resolved in between 6 months to one year, some cases can be decided between 4-5 sittings over the course and take  12-14 months.

Malta Company Restoration fees

Malta Company Restoration fees
Malta Government Restoration fee£500
Appoint Malta Registered Agent£500
Resolution to change Malta registered address£250
Registered Office Annual fee – per year struck off£640
Pay all of the annual government fees – per year struck off
Malta Government penalty fees per outstanding Annual Return, up to£2,400
Additional penalties and costs and including the requirement to prepare and file missing audited accounts and tax returns
Due Diligence – per Director & Shareholder£80
Compliance fee£300
Malta Company Search & checking the company file£108
Our Assistance fee to Restore Malta Company£1,200
2% transfer fee – for penalties, fees and charges to Malta – to cover exchange rate changes, bank charges and fees

We will obtain a specific quote but from experience expect legal costs to be in the region of €5000.

Legal Costs & Expenses for the Court process

We would also need a POA appointing a special mandatories for the court case. As mandatories they assume responsibility for payment of the court costs, so we would need to hold the defendants costs in the region of €3500 on account to pay once the case is decided.

  • Legal Procurator fee – £150
  • Judicial fee – £450
  • Extra Judicial fees – £1000

Malta Company Annual fees – once restored

  • Provision of Registered Office & Resident Agent – £640
  • Registry Renewal filing fee – £220
  • Annual Return Filing fee – £100
  • Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance –  £175

Struck Off Malta Company

Striking-off of the Malta  company from the Register, the liability of every director, officer and shareholder of the company shall continue, and may be enforced as if the name of the company had not been struck off.

When a company is struck off the Register, under Article 325(2) of the Companies Act all the assets of the company will devolve upon the Government of Malta.

We can restore your Struck off Malta company:

  • We obtain and peruse the company file and check filings and documents
  • Drafting and completing the documents necessary for the restoration application
  • Drafting the restoration order
  • Serving documents and liaising with the Malta Registrar of Companies
  • Gazette notices
  • Filing the Court Application and if necessary and attending court hearing

Malta Company Restoration Process

If your Malta company was struck-off the Register we can assist, a Court application is lodged. This must be done within 5 years of the striking-off date.

If the Court is satisfied that it is proper that the name of the company is restored to the Register, then it will go ahead and order that such name be restored.

An official copy of the Court Order will be delivered by the Registrar of the Courts to the Registrar, and the company will be deemed to have continued in existence as if its name had never been struck off.

Once your company is restored it will need to also settle all pending filings (including audited accounts, tax returns, annual returns etc) as well as settle outstanding fines with the Registry.

The company must also disclose its beneficial ownership in accordance with its obligations as delineated in the Companies Act (Register of Beneficial Ownership) Regulations (S.L. 386.19 of the laws of Malta)

Company Directors and Shareholders

When a Malta company is restored, the previous Directors, Company Secretary, Shareholders and Registered Office are automatically assumed to have continued.