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Marshall Islands Company Restoration

A company struck off by the Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators may apply for restoration for the purpose of recovering assets or to continue trading. We can assist with the restoration of a Marshall Islands’ company.

Once the Marshall Islands Registry is satisfied that all outstanding debts to the Republic of the Marshall Islands have been paid, and that company has again retained a qualified registered agent, the company can be restored to good standing as if it had never been struck off.

Marshall Islands Company Restoration Fees

  • Marshall Islands Registry reinstatement fee – $5000
  • Registry Late fee per year – $650
  • Our Assistance fee to Restore Marshall Islands Company – £480

Registered Agent

A company incorporated in the Marshall Islands can be restored by the registered agent on record, or the agent may be changed to a new agent undertaking the company restoration.

Company Directors and Shareholders

When your Marshall Islands company is restored, the previously listed directors, shareholders and the registered office are assumed to be the same.

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