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Marshall Islands Company Restoration

A company struck off by the Marshall Islands Maritime & Corporate Administrators may apply for restoration for the purpose of recovering assets or to continue trading. We can assist with the restoration of a Marshall Islands’ company.

Once the Marshall Islands Registry is satisfied that all outstanding debts to the Republic of the Marshall Islands have been paid, and that company has again retained a qualified registered agent, the company can be restored to good standing as if it had never been struck off.

Marshall Islands Company Restoration Fees

  • Marshall Islands reinstatement fee – $5000
  • Annual Invoice Late Fee per year – $650
  • Our Assistance Fee to Restore Marshall Islands Company – £800

Transferring Registered Agent

A company incorporated in the Marshall Islands can be restored by the registered agent on record, or the agent may be changed to a new agent undertaking the company restoration. In order to proceed using our services, we must be listed as the registered agent.

Company Directors and Shareholders

When a Marshall Islands corporation is restored, the previously listed directors, shareholders and the registered office are assumed the same.

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