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Marshall Islands Registered Agent

Marshall Islands Registered Agent

As there is no mandatory Register of Directors or Shareholder or Beneficial Owners for non-resident domestic entities in the Marshall Islands.

The only way the Registrar is able to ensure that requests to change Registered Address or restore a company is from the proper parties is to insist that the request comes from the current Registered Agent.

Whenever the Republic of the Marshall Islands Registrar receives a request for a reinstatement from anyone other than the current address of record, the Registrar must obtain consent of the last known address of record to move forward with the reinstatement process and change the address of record.

No designation of a new registered agent is accepted by the registrar for filing until all charges owing to the former registered agent have been paid.

This step is undertaken to protect the interests of the entity, providing a confirmable chain of custody over the entity. As there is no mandatory register of directors, officers, shareholders or beneficial owners of non-resident domestic entities, the only way the Registrar is able to ensure that requests are being received from the proper parties is to adhere to this practice.

A designation of a registered agent may be made, revoked, or changed by filing an appropriate notification with the Registrar of Corporations. A Resolution is then drafted and signed by the directors of the Marshall Island company. It is then Resolved that the Registered Agent of the Company be changed.

If there is a dispute between the address of record and the requesting party, the matter is exclusively between those parties to resolve without the RegistrWe will require from you copy of the incorporation documents showing the Registered Agent or the original incorporator.