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Turks and Caicos Certificate of Good Standing

Turks and Caicos Certificate of Good Standing

Document Order

We can supply a Certificate of Good Standing from the Turks and Caicos Registrar of Companies certifying that the company is in Good Standing under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 122).
The certificate can be provided as a signed and stamped registry document, a scan copy is emailed through once prepared and the original couriered.

Turks & Caicos COGS 
Certificate of Good Standing Registry Certified£3807-9 days
Certificate of Good Standing Apostilled£50014-20 days
Company Search Report£1884-8 days
Expedite fee£75

The Certificate includes the following:

  • Registered Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Type
  • The company has been duly incorporated under Chapter 122 of the Companies Ordinance, of the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • The Company has paid all fees and penalties due and payable under the provision of the Companies Ordinance
  • No documents, proceedings or notices have been filed with the Registrar of Companies to strike the Company’s name off the Companies Registry, or wind up the affairs of the Company
  • That in so far as is evidenced by the documents filed with the Companies Registry, the Company is validly existing and is in good legal standing with the Companies Registry
  • The Certificate of Good Standing is provided from the Registrar of Companies with an official stamp, seal and with the signature of an authorised officer

Validate Certificate of Good Standing

To verify the authenticity of the Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Registrar of Companies, enter the unique Document Number from the Certificate, together with the system generated code, then select authenticate.

Turks and Caicos Certificate of Good Standing example

Certificate of Good standing Turks and Caicos example
Company Not in Good Standing

When the Turks and Caicos Company is not in Good Standing at the Registrar of Companies, a search extract will be provided in lieu of the Certificate of Good Standing, showing the current company status.

Turks and Caicos Company Search Report

We can in addition provide a Turks and Caicos company search report from the Registrar of Companies with the latest filed information on the target company.

Order a Turks and Caicos Certificate of Good Standing

The Registrar of Companies issues the certified Certificate of Good Standing and this is emailed.   A courier service  can be ordered.