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Liberia Certificate of Good Standing

We can supply a Certificate of Good Standing from the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry certifying the Liberian companies existence and the current company status.

A Certificate of Good Standing for a Liberia company will confirm:

  • The name of the Liberian Corporation
  • The date of Incorporation/ Registration date
  • The company Registration Number
  • The company remains a corporation duly registered and has paid all taxes and fees due and payable
  • The company has not submitted Articles of Merger, Consolidation, Conversion, Re-domiciliation or Dissolution
  • The company is not subject to proceedings for judicial dissolution under the Liberia Business Corporation Act
  • The company is not the subject of a Proclamation of Revocation
  • The name and address of the Registered Agent in Liberia

The certificate is provided from the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry with an official stamp, seal and with the signature of an authorised officer.

If the Liberia Company is not in Good Standing the registry will issue instead an extract confirming the current company status.