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Guernsey Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing confirms a Guernsey company has a status of good standing with the Register of Companies under the Company (Guernsey) Law 2006.

The certificate confirms the company’s continued legal existence and that all administrative requirements pertaining to the company’s continued registration have been complied with.

The certificate is an official registry document, accepted by authorities and institutions as proof of continuing good standing of Guernsey company

The certificate certifies that:

  • The company is on the Register of Companies
  • There are no overdue annual or other fees due
  • The company is up to date with its filing requirements
  • The date the company was incorporated
  • The company has not filed articles of merger or consolidation which are pending
  • The company has not filed articles of arrangement that have not yet become effective
  • The company is not in voluntary liquidation
  • Proceedings have not been instituted to strike the name of the company off the Registrar

We can provide the certificate electronically from the Registry. The electronic version will bear the same security features as traditional hard copy certificate. Alternatively we can provide a traditional hard copy of the certificate delivered by courier.

Guernsey Certificate of Good Standing

If the Guernsey Company is not in Good Standing the registry will issue instead a search extract confirming the current company status.