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Guernsey Company Documents

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Guernsey Company Document examples

Our experience as company formation agents and our relationship with the Guernsey Register of Companies means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and provide company search reports.

Guernsey Company Documents
Company Search Report£1384-5 days
Certificate of Good Standing Registry Certified£2504-5 days
Certificate of Good Standing Apostilled£4508-14 days
Certificate of Incorporation Registry Certified£2504-5 days
Certificate of Incorporation Apostilled£4508-14 days
Memorandum and Articles Registry Certified£2504-5 days
Memorandum and Articles of Association Apostilled£4508-14 days
Expedite fee£75

Guernsey Company Search Report

The Guernsey Company Search is a summary of the latest information filed at Guernsey Registry, confirms the existence of the company and provides further company details disclosed by the company.

A Guernsey company search report includes the following information:

  • Company Name and effective date
  • Company Registered Number
  • Company Registered Date
  • Registered Office address and effective date
  • Previous Company names – including start and end date
  • Company Type – non cellular company, cell company, protected cell company
  • Liability Type – Limited by shares
  • Company Classification
  • Company Status – Normal – the company is registered and Active, Dissolved, Voluntary Strike off, Compulsorily Wound Up, Compulsory Wound up and a liquidator has been appointed, Compulsory Wound up and the court has appointed a Commissioner, Migrated and no longer registered in Guernsey, Amalgamated with another company and this is not the continuing company
  • Current Resident Agent name
  • Current Resident Agent address
  • Previous Resident Agent name
  • Current Directors, start date, service address – where available
  • Previous Directors, start date, end date, service address – where available
  • Economic Activity type
  • Liability type
  • AGM’s – Waived the requirement
  • Company Registered date
  • Audit Exempt Annual
  • Resident Agent Exempt
  • Audit Exempt
  • Copy of Statement of the Register – provides a full extract of the publicly available information held on the Register – electronic copy
  • List of filed documents – including date received, status of document, document type, date registered and reference number – not all documents filed before 2008 will show on the electronic record.

There is no requirements to file annual accounts with the registry so, copies of latest financial accounts are not included in the search report.

If the Company has a status of Compulsorily Wound-Up the details included in the search from the Guernsey Registry can be limited.

Statement of the Register

The Statement of the Register provides a full extract of the publicly available information held on the Register and the time the document is prepared. An electronic copy of this document is included in the company search report we provide.

We can provide a registry certified copy of this document delivered by courier, this certified company document includes company details filed with the Registrar General’s Department, previous registered names, principal place of business, nature of the business, shareholders on incorporation, name and address of the resident agent and a list of filed documents.

We can provide a copy of the Statement of the Register for a Guernsey company which is Notarised and Apostilled at the Guernsey Royal Court House.

Guernsey Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing issued by Guernsey Registry, certifies the company was incorporated in Guernsey, has submitted its annual validation declaration (due by 31 January each year) and remains on the register of companies. An electronic copy can be supplied from the Guernsey Registry or alternatively a certified original certificate sent by courier.

Guernsey Certificate of Incorporation

We can provide a Certificate of Incorporation for any company registered with the Guernsey Registry. The Registrar issues a copy or a certified copy Certificate of Incorporation certifying that a company was incorporated under the Guernsey Company Law.

The Guernsey Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Guernsey Registry and we can provide a registry copy of the company incorporation certificate which includes:

The Certificate of Incorporation includes the following:

  • Company Name
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Number
  • States that a company is incorporated under the relevant companies acts.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association sets the constitution of the company, identifying the company’s name, type of company, the company’s registered office situated in Guernsey and the liability of its members and, in the case of a company whose objects are restricted, those objects. We can provide certified or scanned copies of the Memorandum of Association.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association and are regulated by the Guernsey Companies Law, 2008 and we can provide certified or scanned copies of these Articles of Association.

Guernsey Apostille – Legalisation

We can request from the Guernsey Registry a scanned copy of the entire company file, the charge is dependent on the number and type of company documents it contains.

Company documents are Notarised in Guernsey then submitted to the Legalisation Officer at the Greffe, Royal Court House to be Apostilled.

We can provide the following Apostilled Guernsey company documents:

  • Statement of the Register
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association

An Apostille is a certificate attached to an original Guernsey company document which, confirms the authenticity of the signature and registry stamp. We can provide Apostilled company documents on a standard or express service.

Accounting and Financial Statements

In Guernsey there is no requirements to file annual accounts with the registry.

Each year your Guernsey company must complete a validation for the Guernsey Registrar of Companies along with a declaration signed by the director or secretary stating all requirements of the Companies Law in respect to the annual validation have been fulfilled. An annual validation is a process that allows the company director or secretary to validate and confirm the information on the register is correct.

Guernsey Company file

We can request from the Guernsey Registry a scanned copy of the entire company file, the charge is dependent on the number and type of company documents it contains.

Annual Return

The Annual Return now called the Annual Validation form and all companies are obliged to file an annual validation form with the Guernsey Registry. We can provide this document as an electronic copy or a registry certified copy by courier.

Company Directors and Shareholders

Shareholder and Director registers must be kept at the registered office and must also be filed with the Companies Registry in Guernsey. Despite the filing requirements these documents are not available for public inspection.

It is a requirement to maintain records on the directors of a company in Guernsey, however, these documents may not be available publicly and as such our ability to provide this information is subject to availability. Only one director is required, of any nationality and residency. Company directors must complete a registration form in order to be provided with a unique company director number

Details of the shareholders are not recorded on the public registry, therefore, we are unlikely to be able to provide details of the company shareholders. A minimum of one shareholders is required, with no restrictions on nationality or residency. Shareholders may be an individual or company and the shares are issued as registered shares.

Share Capital

There is no minimum capital requirements for a company incorporated in Guernsey and the capital may be expressed in any currency.

Order Guernsey Company Documents

The Guernsey company search report will be ordered from the Guernsey Register of Companies and is delivered by email. Guernsey Company documents are ordered Registry Certified from the Guernsey Register of Companies, a scanned copy is emailed through, the original is couriered through where required.