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Indiana Certificate of Good Standing

Indiana Certificate of Good Standing – Certificate of Existence

We can provide a Certificate of Good Standing / Certificate of Existence for any registered Indiana Corporation or LLC. The Certificate of Good Standing confirms when the Indiana company commenced business under the Laws of the State of Indiana and that it is still in existence and authorised to transact business in the State of Indiana. The Certificate of Good Standing confirms that the entity exists and is in compliance with all Indiana State requirements.

Secretary of State’s Business Services Division
302 W. Washington Street
Room E018
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indiana Certificate of Good Standing 
Certificate of Good Standing Registry CertifiedUS$170 – £1403-4 days
Certificate of Good Standing ApostilledUS$300 – £2505-10 days
Company SearchUS$90 – £753-4 days
Expedite feeUS$65 – £55

The Certificate includes the following:

  • Registered Company Name
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Business Type – LLC or Corporation
  • Confirms the most recent report has been filed
  • Certificate Verification number
  • The fact that no notice of withdrawal, dissolution or expiration has been received
  • The Seal of the Secretary of State
  • Certificate of Good Standing is signed, stamped and dated by the Indiana Secretary of State under seal

Validate Certificate of Good Standing

The Certificate Verification number is entered on the Indiana State Department site to confirm the authenticity of a Certificate of Good Standing.

Indiana Certificate of Good Standing example

Certificate of Good Standing Indiana example

Indiana Company Search Report

We can provide a Indiana Company Search Report including the company registration details, company status, registered agent, filing history and a copy of the last business entity report filed with the State Department in Indiana.

Indiana Company Restoration – Company Reinstatement

We can reinstatement your Indiana company that has been administratively dissolved or revoked.

Restoration / Reinstatement fee

  • Filings fees for all the years owed for the Business Entity Reports
  • State Department Reinstatement fee: US$30

Restoration / Reinstatement Timescale

  • The standard reinstatement timescale in the State of is approximately 14 days

If your business has been administratively dissolved for more than 5 years, it cannot be reinstated

Order an Indiana Certificate of Good Standing

When your order is placed for an Indiana Certificate of Good Standing/ Certificate of Existence, we check the status of the company with the Indiana Secretary of State. Once the Certificate of Good Standing has been prepared by the Secretary of State we get a scanned copy emailed through.