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Missouri Certificate of Good Standing

Missouri Certificate of Good Standing

We can provide a Good Standing Certificate for any registered Missouri Corporation or LLC.

The certificate confirms that the entity exists and is in compliance with all MO state requirements.

Missouri Certificate of Good Standing 
Certificate of Good Standing Registry CertifiedUS$170 – £1403-4 days
Certificate of Good Standing ApostilledUS$300 – £2505-10 days
Company SearchUS$90 – £753-4 days
Expedite feeUS$65 – £55

The Certificate includes the following:

  • Registered Company Name
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Business Type – LLC or Corporation
  • Duration of Company – Perpetual
  • The Corporation is authorised to transact business in the State
  • All fees, taxes, and penalties owed to the State have been paid
  • The most recent annual report required has been filed with the Secretary of State
  • The Certificate of Good Standing is signed, stamped and dated by the Missouri State Department

Missouri Certificate of Good Standing example

Certificate of Good Standing Missouri example

Missouri Company Search Report

We can provide a Missouri Company Search Report including the company registration details, company status, registered agent, filing history and a copy of the last business entity report filed with the State Department in Missouri.

Missouri Company Not in Good Standing

If the company is not in Good Standing and a Good Standing Certificate cannot be issued by the Missouri State department we will instead provide a Company Search extract showing the current company status.

Company Restoration – Company Reinstatement

If your company turns out to be not in Good Standing, reinstatement after involuntary revocation may occur within one year after the revocation. We can assist with this process which requires filing the past-due annual report and reinstatement documents along with the appropriate fees.

Order a Certificate of Good Standing

Once the Certificate of Good Standing has been prepared by the State Department in Missouri we will get a scanned copy emailed through and the original where required can be couriered through.