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Gibraltar Registered Agent

Gibraltar Registered Agent

We can provide a Registered Agent service in Gibraltar.

It is a requirement within the Gibraltar Companies Act 2014 to have a licensed agent in Gibraltar providing a registered office service, for your company to remain complaint.

Gibraltar Registered Agent
Transfer in Gibraltar fee£960
Gibraltar Company Search£80
Due Diligence – per Director and Shareholder£80
Gibraltar Annual Compliance fees once transferred.
Registered Office and Registered Agent£600
Company Secretary£400
Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance£180
Compliance fee£200

Transfer your Gibraltar Company

Gibraltar transfer fee includes –

  • Gibraltar Company Search to check status
  • Resolution to transfer company
  • Transfer in Gibraltar company fee
  • Director and Shareholder due diligence
  • Submission of transfer applications to the registry
  • Extract of Directors and Shareholder Register
  • Preparation of change to the Memorandum
  • Confirmation of Registered Office for documentation

There can be an additional fee of a Transfer out fee charged by your current Gibraltar Registered Agent.

The change of Registered Agent is straightforward process. To transfer  to our Gibraltar registered agent we will require a copy of the filed documents showing the Directors and Shareholders from when the company was incorporated. Due diligence will also be required on the current directors and shareholders of the Gibraltar company.

Gibraltar Registered Agent – Companies Act 2014

The Gibraltar Companies Act 2014 requires all companies have a resident agent within Gibraltar.  The registered agents main function is to liaise between your company and the Gibraltar Registry, and provide reminders for annual filings requirements.

Gibraltar Registered Agent Duties

Apart from lending the office address to be used as the legal address of your Gibraltar company, the Registered Agent is also legally responsible for safe custody and update of corporate documents including the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Directors, copies of all resolutions, notices and filings of the company.

The Registered Agent acts as the official intermediary between the company and the Gibraltar Companies Registry.

Unless the directors of the company have resolved otherwise, the Registered Agent is also the custodian for all Minutes of the Meetings and Resolutions of Shareholders, and all Minutes of Meetings and Resolutions of Directors.

Transfer Gibraltar Registered Agent

Please contact us with the name of your Gibraltar company you would like to transfer, we will organise a Company Search to prepare the Director’s Resolution and contact the current Registered Agent.

We send a written request to the current Gibraltar Registered Agent, asking them to resign and pass the administration of your company to our Registered Agent.