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Gibraltar Company Formations

Gibraltar Company Formations

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We are an established company formation agent with over 20 years’ experience in incorporating Gibraltar companies.

Gibraltar Company Incorporation feesGibraltar Annual Compliance fees
Company Formation: £800Registered Office: £600
Registered Office: £600Company Secretary: £400
TIN Tax Identification Number: £220Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance: £180
Company Secretary: £400Compliance fee: £200
Compliance fee: from £200Annual Return & filing fee: £400
AGM Dispensation Resolution: £125Transaction Monitoring fee: £250

Includes the processing fees for the required due diligence, providing the Registered Office, Company Secretary in Gibraltar supplying the Company Registers, standard Memorandum, Articles of Association and the company’s Tax Identification number.

Gibraltar companies no longer advantageous

Reasons why a Gibraltar company has ceased to be advantageous

  • Bank accounts for non-resident companies not available in Gibraltar, except by special permission
  • A Gibraltar company is not resident in Gibraltar unless it has business there, so the company will be subject to tax in other jurisdictions
  • A Gibraltar company needs to register for VAT after the first sale into any European country or the UK
  • All Directors and Shareholders need to lodge and continually update full details of their career
  • It is difficult for any group to get a bank account when a Gibraltar company is part of the structure as banks perceive Gibraltar as a tax haven
  • The tax advantage of Gibraltar companies ceases to exist if the company operate in countries which have special legislation connected with transactions to and from ‘tax haven’ jurisdictions

Alternatives to a Gibraltar companies

  • A UK limited company (Ltd) has substantial tax advantages – 100% deduction of capital assets bought – no need to lodge a full ledger of accounting entries – full deduction of directors’ remuneration
  • A UK limited liability partnership (LLP)is not taxed directly
  • A Spanish company offers a certain anonymity and is cheaper to administer than a Gibraltar company

Private Limited Company – Ltd

  • We will prepare your Memorandum and Articles of Association and other mandatory documents required to incorporate your Gibraltar company
  • We pay the registration fee and lodge the documents with the Gibraltar Registrar of Companies
  • We provide you with a Registered Office and resident Company Secretary for your Gibraltar company

TIN – Tax Identification Number

All companies incorporated in Gibraltar must have a Tax Identification Number, whether Resident or non-Resident, without a TIN, accounts cannot be filed, and we obtain this as part of our service to you.

Gibraltar Company Directors & Shareholders

Only one director of any nationality is required for your Gibraltar company. A minimum of one shareholder of any nationality is required.

Share Capital & Registered Office

There is no minimum Share Capital, and the authorised share capital may be expressed in any currency, The standard share capital is GBP £2000 and larger amounts can be agreed with small increases in the share capital tax.

Companies must have a Registered Office address in Gibraltar, where statutory communication and notices are sent.

Gibraltar Ready Made Company

Due to the strict due diligence requirements in Gibraltar, Ready Made companies are no longer available.

End of Business Relationship

It is no longer acceptable for companies to be naturally struck off at Companies House. The natural strike off of a company, takes 3 years of nonpayment, at which point it is assumed that this company is no longer required, and the company is therefore struck from the register. However, due to the penalties associated with the above, within this 3-year period, the company will incur significant arrears. As a company cannot be struck off whilst in debt, these penalties must be paid before striking off can be completed.