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International Business Companies (Amendment) Act 2021

All Seychelles IBC Companies are now required to maintain accounting records from January 2015 onwards and provide their Seychelles Registered Agent with copies.

Dates for  accounting records with Registered Agent –

  • Accounting records relating to transactions or operations in the past 7 years to 31st December, 2021 must be kept in Seychelles by 6th February, 2022.
  • Accounting records relating to transactions or operations in the first half (January to June) of 2022 must be kept in Seychelles by July 2022 (and every year thereafter)
  • Accounting records relating to transactions or operations in the second half (July to December) of 2022 must be kept in Seychelles by January 2023.

Accounting Records Keeping

Whilst you can keep the original accounting records at any  place in the world including any address in Seychelles, you must notify the Registered Agent of the address.

Where a company keeps accounting records outside Seychelles, it shall lodge copy  accounting records  over the past 7 years at the Registered Office in Seychelles.

Fee Schedule

From January 2022, the following annual fees are payable to cover the additional work and administrative duties:

Seychelles Annual Accounting Records fee: an annual fee overs the additional administrative work involved with collecting, organising, and storing a Seychelles company’s accounting records or declarations of non-trading on a bi-annual basis.

Seychelles Annual Compliance fee: in line with Anti-Money Laundering rules & regulations, periodic reviews are conducted to ensure that the due diligence documentation held on file is current and up to date.

The annual compliance fee  covers the additional time spent monitoring KYC for the company directors, shareholders and other connected entities, in addition to general matters concerning corporate governance and regulatory updates.

Definition of Accounting Records as per the Act

174.(1) A company shall keep reliable accounting records that  —

(a) are sufficient to show and explain the company ‘s transactions;

(b) enable the financial position of the company to be determined with reasonable accuracy at any  time; and

(c) allow for financial Statements of the company to be prepared

Guidelines for naming files

Accounting records and related documents need be securely uploaded via our website using the form below

We kindly request that the following file naming guidelines are followed:

The file name must contain descriptive words  INVOICE, BANK etc

Registered Agent records preservation obligations

Registered Agents must preserve the following records of companies (including dissolved, struck-off, continued companies) under the administration, for at least 7 years:

Registers of members, directors, charges, minutes of meetings and resolution, accounting records in the possession of the registered agent.

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