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We are able to conduct a search on companies registered in Hong Kong. The search report from the Hong Kong Companies Registry includes the latest information on the target company.

Hong Kong Company Search Report
Company Search Report£1384-5 days
Expedite fee£751-2 days

Contents of a Hong Kong Company Search Report

  • Full company name – English name
  • Chinese company name – if filed
  • Company Name history – Previous company names including date company name used was effective from
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Registration number
  • Company type – local company, limited company
  • Current Active Status of Company – Live or not
  • Previous company names including effective date of company names, company name used
  • Register of charges – charge type, details and date registered with registry – if available
  • Hong Kong Registered Office address – for local companies
  • Authorised Representatives – for registered Non-Hong Kong Companies
  • Share Capital – authorised share capital, issued share capital and paid up share capital
  • Company Director details – including name, type, Chinese name, HKID/ passport no, date appointment
  • List of Reserve Company Directors – if any
  • Shareholder details – name, address, current holding
  • Company Secretary including name, Chinese name, company registration number, registered/ principal address, date of appointment
  • Particulars of Receiver & Liquidator – where applicable
  • A list of documents the company has filed in the last 3 years with the register of companies including the document name, submission/ filing date, document ref. number and AR/ AC year
  • A copy of the latest annual return filed (if available) – all local companies incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance are required to file an annual return

The Hong Kong company Annual Return includes:

  • Date annual return filed with the Registry
  • The Annual Return is signed by a company director or the company secretary
  • Shareholder details – name/ company name, address, current holding and number of shares transferred – from last annual return, date transferred and other notes
  • Shares – Class of shares, nominal value, number of shares issued, nominal value of each share issued, currency of shares
  • Company Registers – address where register of shareholders and register of debenture holders – if not kept at the registered office address
  • Company Secretary/ Corporate Secretary – English name, Chinese name, address and company number/ HKID/ passport no
  • Company Directors/ Corporate Directors – English name, Chinese name, residential address and Company Number/ HKID/ passport no
  • Mortgages and Charges – total amount outstanding as of the date of this return on all mortgages and charges which are required to be registered with the Registrar of Companies pursuant to sections 80 and 82 of the Companies Ordinance – if available
  • Presenters details including name, address, contact telephone number and email address

Local Hong Kong Companies are not required to file accounts with the Companies Registry.

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Order a Hong Kong Company Search Report

We can supply Company Search Reports on company’s registered in Hong Kong.

Please complete our enquiry form so we can assist with your Hong Kong company search requirements. The Hong Kong search report is delivered to you via email as a PDF.