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Hong Kong Companies Registry

Hong Kong Company Registry

The Companies Registry is responsible for providing services to incorporate companies and to provide the facilities to search information held by the Registry

Their statutory obligations include, the incorporation of companies, the registration of statutory documents filed pursuant to relevant legislation, ensuring compliance within requirements of company law and the striking off of defunct companies

We are able to conduct a Hong Kong company name search and obtain copies of official documents and company search reports from the Companies Registry.

The Companies Registry provide services and facilities to incorporate Hong Kong companies and to register and inspect company documents.

The Companies Registry is responsible for:

  • Providing services to incorporate local companies with or without limited liability
  • Register non-Hong Kong companies
  • Register documentation required by the various Ordinances administered by the department, principally the Companies Ordinance
  • Services and facilities to inspect and obtain information held by the department on the various statutory registers
  • Hold current data of companies incorporated and registered with the department and image records of registered documents
  • De-registering defunct solvent private companies
  • Ensuring compliance by companies and their officers with their obligations under the relevant ordinances
  • Advise the Government on policy and legislative issues regarding company law and related legislation

Filing Requirements

In addition to the filing of annual returns registered companies are required to file other statutory documents with the Registrar of Companies. For registration in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance. This includes notifications of change of address, changes to registered office and changes to director and their particulars.

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

We can file applications for new Hong Kong companies, allowing for companies to be incorporated and registered with the Companies Registry.

Hong Kong companies may be registered with either a Chinese or English name and it  is also possible to have a company name in both languages.

Companies Registry – The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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