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Cyprus Company Registry

Cyprus Company Registry – Registrar of Companies

The Cyprus Department of the Registrar of Companies is responsible for keeping the Register of Companies, Partnerships, Business Names, Trade Marks, Patents and Industrial Designs. It is the authority of the Republic of Cyprus to maintain a reliable register of all business entities registered there.

Cyprus Registrar of Companies functions:

  • Companies Section promotes Cyprus company registrations  and the development and operation of business activities
  • Maintaining  the register for all registered business entities
  • The follow up and control of Cypriot companies
  • Striking off of non compliant companies in Cyprus

Services we provide in Cyprus

Cyprus Company Formations – The Director and Shareholder of a Cyprus company do not need to reside in Cyprus, we can incorporate a company for you in 5 days.

Cyprus Registered Agent – We can provide a Licensed Registered Agent in Cyprus for your company to ensure your company remains in Good Standing at the Department of the Registrar of Companies.

Cyprus Company Restoration – A Cyprus company that has been struck off from the companies register, either voluntarily or involuntarily, can be restored using our Company Restoration Service.

Cyprus Certificates of Good Standing – We provide a fast service for Registry Certified and Apostilled Certificates of Good Standing for companies registered in Cyprus.

Cyprus Company Search Report – We can provide a search report which is a summary of the latest information on the company held by the Department of the Registrar of Companies. We can also provide certified copies of Cypriot Company documents from the Registrar of Companies.

Cyprus Companies Law Cap 113

Cyprus Companies Law cap 113 defines all laws and regulation for companies incorporated in Cyprus.

Cyprus Registry Filing Requirements

Under Cyprus Companies Law – cap 113 there are filing requirements for your company in Cyprus. An annual return must be filed at the Cyprus Department of the Registrar of Companies by the company’s annual return date. The annual return must be accompanied by the financial statements relating to the previous financial year and, must be certified by a director and the company’s secretary. The directors of the company are responsible for ensuring that a complete set of financial statements for the company is prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards and the provisions of the Companies Law.

Cyprus Official Gazette

When a Cyprus company omits to comply with the request of the Registrar of Companies, the Registrar may strike the name of the company off the companies register, by publishing a relevant notice in the Cyprus Official Gazette.

Information regarding patents filed in the patents register through the publications of the Intellectual Property Section in the Gazette.

Cyprus registry address:

Department of the Registrar of Companies
Corner Makariou III Avenue and Karpenisiou Street
Xenios Building
1427 Nicosia