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UK Branch Office

UK Branch Office

We provide a UK Branch registration package which is particularly for overseas residents, who are requiring registering a branch of a foreign company in the UK with a legal registered office address for one year.

From a tax point of view, branches are permanent establishments of non-resident companies and a UK branch is not a separate legal company from its parent. The branch can have the same name as the parent company or can choose a different name for its UK establishment. If a different name is chosen it must comply with rules for business names set out in Part 41 Companies Act 2006.

UK Branch Registration fee

UK Branch Registration: £700
Including –

  • Provision Registered Office address for 1 year
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Mail forwarding & Secretarial Compliance Service

Timescale for UK Branch Registration

  • UK Branch Office Registration takes 2 – 3 weeks

Documents Required for UK Branch Registration

To register a branch, evidence of the existence of the parent has to be provided, as well as certified copies of the Articles or Statutes, the names of the directors, the share capital, the registered office, and the name of the UK representatives who will act for you.

  • Your overseas company’s incorporation certificate
  • Your company’s statutes – translated if not in English
  • Names of the company’s directors shareholders and share structure details.

After Branch Registration

All stationery, order forms and similar documents used by your UK branch are required to show:

  • The place of registration of the branch, and its registration number
  • The place of registration of the parent
  • The number with which it is registered
  • The legal classification of the company
  • The address of its registered office

Also, the following particulars must be shown at the branch office:

  • The company name
  • The name of the country in which the company is incorporated
  • The parent of the branch has limited liability

Financials – Overseas Company Registered in the UK

Branches of overseas companies whose parent law requires the publication of accounts which have been audited must deliver a copy of those accounts to Companies House together with a certified translation, within three months of public disclosure. This applies to all Companies from the European Economic Area member States, even where a company is categorised as ‘small’ and allowed to deliver modified accounts, even to the extent of them being unaudited.

Branches of overseas companies whose parent law does not require the publication of audited accounts must, within 13 months of a company’s accounting reference date, deliver accounts to Companies House that comply with the Companies Act. Such accounts must relate to the company and not solely the branch.

All overseas companies must deliver accounts – there are no exceptions. The accounts must relate to the company as a whole and not just that part of the company that operates in the UK.

Branch Filing and Disclosure Requirements

You should notify Companies House on the prescribed form of any changes to the original information filed as and when it occurs. The disclosure requirements include:

  • Changes to the constitutional documents of an overseas company
  • Changes to the company details, including the name, legal form, accounting requirements, head office address, objects, share capital and governing law
  • Changes of director or secretary or of their particulars
  • Change in details of the branch, including its business name, address and the nature of the business
  • Change of person authorised to accept service or to represent the company in the business of the branch, or of their particulars
  • Branch Office Enquiry
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