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Ireland Branch Office

Any company which is incorporated outside Ireland and establishes a branch in Ireland must be registered with the Companies Registration Office under the Branch Disclosures Regulations 1993.

The registration fee for a branch is the same as setting up a new company in Ireland. The branch requirements are:

  • A physical person must be appointed, with an Irish address, to ensure that they can take legal responsibility and accept legal service on behalf of the branch office
  • The branch must have actual working premises in Ireland – this is not the registered office
  • All liability incurred in Ireland is the responsibility of the parent company

Establishing an Irish Branch

After the Irish branch has been registered with the Companies Registration Office, every letter and order form used by a branch of a company is required to show the following:

  • Place of registration of the company
  • Number with which it is registered
  • Legal classification of the company
  • Address of its registered office
  • Place of branch registration and its registration number
  • In respect of each director, the following details: full name, any former names, and nationality

The following particulars must be displayed at the branch office:

  • The company name
  • Name of the country in which the company is incorporated
  • If applicable, the fact that the liability of the shareholders of the company is limited

If share capital of the company is mentioned on business letters or order forms, the reference must be to the paid-up share capital.

Documents to be Submitted

A form must be completed for the registration of the company, a completed Form F12 must be completed for EEA companies or a completed Form F13 for non-EEA parent companies.

A certified copy of the Constitution should accompany the form along with a copy of the parent company’s latest financial statements.

. This document should be certified as a true copy in the country in which the company is incorporated by:

  • Registrar of Companies
  • Notary Public
  • Officer of the company on oath before a person having authority to administer an oath

For countries other than UK, the Constitution must be authenticated.


If the Constitution or other company documents are in a language other than English, the documents should be translated. If the translation is made outside of Ireland it should be certified to be a correct translation by an Irish diplomatic or consular officer or by any person whom the officer can certify is competent to translate it.

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