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France Company Credit Report

France Company Credit Report

With a France Company Credit Report, we conduct an investigation on the target company including the latest information on the company held at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés – Companies Registry.

We provide a credit rating and a credit opinion where financial data has been analysed. The French Company Credit Report is in English.

We use the most prominent local credit reference agency in France for the latest data on the target company when compiling the Company Credit Report.

France Credit Report
Company Credit Report£16010-14 days
Company Credit Report – Urgent£2205-7 days

With our urgent service, the company information is obtained in the shortest possible time, with our colleagues often visiting the  Company Registry and other sources.

Contents of a France Company Credit Report

Company Credit Report tickCompany Profile

  • Company Name
  • Company contacts – including website, telephone, email – where available
  • Company Registration Number – SIRET
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Type – Joint stock company
  • Incorporation details including date and registration number
  • Current company status at the Centre de Formalités des Entreprise
  • Registered Address and contact details

Company Credit Report tickShare Capital

  • Issued & Paid Up Capital
  • Type of Shares – Ordinary, Preference etc
  • Number of Shares issued
  • Secured Charges and Mortgages

Company Credit Report tickShareholders

  • Shareholders Name & Address
  • Shares Held
  • Nationality

Company Credit Report tickDirectors and Officers

  • Directors Name & Address
  • Nationality
  • Position held
  • Date of Appointment

Company Credit Report tickCompany Trading details

  • Activities of the Company
  • Number of Employees

Company Credit Report tickCompany Financials

  • Latest Company Financial Accounts (EUR)
  • Summary of the main components of the annual accounts

Company Credit Report tickCompany History

  • List with details of changes and filings made by the company
  • Confirmation of Legal Records including payment incidents, social security liens, fiscal liens and litigation
  • Additional comments and information

Company Credit Report tickCompany Credit Rating

  • Credit Rating – the company’s size, history and background, finance in comparison with the industrial averages, and operations, credit record are taken into consideration
  • Credit recommendations – Base credit limit
  • Industry Comparison

France Company Credit Report example

Benefits of our France Credit Reports

France Companies – we can supply reports on any of the  limited companies registered with the Company Registry in France.

Confidentiality – Your  identity is kept confidential when ordering the French company credit report.

Credit Report Type – Our French  Company Credit Report report are freshly prepared in the time frame you choose with the most current information available.

Verify France Company – The French  Credit report verifies the companies registered details, address and legal status.

Credit Score and Limit – The report will give a credit score and maximum recommended credit limit.

Single Company Credit Reports – No account, membership or subscription required,  for the French Credit Report service.

France Company Documents

The types of documents available from the French company register may vary depending on the company, the following are usually available:

Incorporation Documents – Certificate of Incorporation, company constitution

Company Filings –  Accounts, Company Registers, Resolutions

Registrar Issued Documents – Certificate of Good Standing, Company Extract prepared by the Company Registrar with the latest company details