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Switzerland Company Search Report

We are able to conduct a search on any company registered in Switzerland. We contact the Federal Commercial Registry y and obtain the latest information on the target company.

Switzerland Companies Registry

We can provide a search report from the Federal Commercial Registry with the latest information on the target company. Company Search reports from the registry of commerce are provided from the cantonal registry of commerce where the company has its seat.

Switzerland Company Search Report fees

  • Company Search Report: £168
  • Expedite fee: £60
  • Courier: £80

Timescale to obtain a Swiss Company Search Report

  • Standard: 3 – 4 days
  • Expedited: 1 – 2 days

Contents of a Swiss Company Search Report

  • Incorporation details including date and registration number
  • Current company status at the Federal Commercial Registry
  • Administration, review board and people having signing capability – Administration, organe de révision et personnes ayant qualité pour signer

Switzerland Company Search example

Order a Company Search Report in Switzerland

Please complete our form with the name of the company and any instructions.