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Switzerland Company Formations

Switzerland Company Formations

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Swiss companies are governed by the Civil Code at the Federal level. Swiss companies are domiciled in a particular canton and each canton maintains a Commercial Register.

Switzerland Company Incorporation feesSwitzerland Annual Compliance fees
Company Formation: £3800Registered Office: £2400
Registered Office: £2400Swiss Resident Director: from £3000
Government Registry fee: £800Company Secretary if required: £1050
Notary fee: £720Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance: £180
Swiss Representative Director: from £3200
Company Secretary if required: £1050

Switzerland GmbH/Sàrl Company Formation

Our Swiss company formation package includes:

  • Reservation of your company name with the Swiss Federal Commercial Registry
  • Opening of a capital payment account
  • Drafting of the Statutes and Articles of Incorporation
  • Preparation of Company Registration Forms
  • Drawing up of Deed of Incorporation
  • Organizing the foundation meeting with the Notary Public
  • Filing of incorporation documents with the Commercial Registry
  • Government registry fee payable at the time of incorporation
  • Payment of Stamp duty
  • Registering with the Tax and Social security authorities
  • Notary fees and Commercial Registry fees
  • Delivery of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Delivery of Articles of Association
  • Issue of Shares and production of Share Certificates
  • All documents and certificates supplied in a professional folder
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier

Documents and Identification

To start incorporating your offshore company in Switzerland we require the following:

  • The Director’s full name, date of birth, address and nationality
  • The Shareholder’s full name and address

Documents you are required to provide:

  • Proof of identity. Passport or national identity card
  • Proof of residential address. Gas or Electricity bill or credit card bank statement dated within the last 3 months

Swiss Company Name

The company name must end with SA, AG, Ltd, GmbH or Sàrl. We will check the availability of your proposed company name. Swiss company names should not resemble any other company name registered with the Swiss Federal Commercial Registry.

Swiss Resident Director

Swiss GmbH (limited liability company) does not require a Swiss national director. The director of a Swiss GmbH can be a foreign national or a Swiss resident. There are no specific nationality requirements for the directorship of a GmbH in Switzerland.

However, it is worth noting that at least one director is required for a GmbH. Additionally, if the director is not a Swiss resident, they may need to appoint a representative residing in Switzerland who can act on their behalf for certain legal and administrative matters.


There are no restrictions with respect to the nationality or the domicile of the shareholders.

Your Swiss Sàrl/GmbH Registered Office

All Swiss companies must have a Registered Office which must be a physical address in Switzerland.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital for a limited liability company (Sàrl/GmbH) is CHF20,000, fully paid up on the day of incorporation into a Swiss depository bank.

The share capital for a limited company (AG) is CHF100,000 . At least CHF50,000 must be paid into a Swiss depository bank and The issued shares are CHF 100 each.

Articles of Association and Public Deed

These include the following information:

  • Company name and address
  • Company purpose
  • Share Capital
  • Contributions, types, number and nominal amount of shares
  • Calling of shareholders meeting
  • Voting rights of shareholders

Swiss Company Registration

A temporary bank account is opened on your behalf and the share capital is paid into the account as stipulated by the incorporation procedure.

We then prepare and file with the Swiss Federal Commercial Registry all translated, signed and notarised incorporation documents.

Swiss Confidentiality

All the initial details about shareholders and directors need to be given to the Swiss Federal Commercial Registry.

Subsequent transfers of shares are not disclosed in a public record but remain in the record of the notary’s protocol if conducted through a Swiss notary.

Switzerland Ready Made Company

Ready-made companies in Switzerland are not available

It is easier and far less expensive to incorporate a new company as per your requirements; this is what we recommend.