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Spain Company Search Report

We are able to conduct a search on any company registered in Spain.

We contact the Central Mercantile Register and obtain the latest information on the Spanish company which will show the companies current position and status.

Spain Company Search Report
Company Search Report£1384-5 days
Expedite fee£753-4 days

Spain Companies Registry

We can provide a search report from the Registro Mercantil with the latest information on the target Spanish company. The Central Mercantile Register is in charge of maintaining the different registrars in each province of Spain.

The Registro Mercantil organises and processed company filings in accordance with Section 379 of the Mercantile Register Regulations.

Contents of a Spanish Company Search Report

  • Confirms company name / Denominación
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registration details
  • Objects of the company / Objeto Social
  • Registered office address / Domicilio Social
  • Share capital / Capital social
  • Paid up share capital
  • CIF number
  • Date the company began trading
  • Company contact details – where available
  • Details of the company directors
  • Details of original company Shareholders/ Accionistas when the company was incorporated – Details of Shareholders are not updated in the Registry, so it is not possible for a third party to know who the shareholders of a limited company are. The purchase and sale of shares are done through deeds signed with a notary and details are kept at the Registered Office of the company and the tax authorities

Director & Company Officers

Details of directors are recorded in the Mercantile Register together with their powers to act for a company.

  • Where there is only one director, they are called a Sole Director/Administrador Único
  • Where there is more than one director, they may are called Administrador Solidario- a director with powers to bind the company, without seeking approval from other directors or shareholders.
  • Where there is more than one director, they may are called Administrador Mancomuniado- a director which has to seek approval of the other directors, to bind the company in a notarised contract, or sometimes a private contact

Any change of director, or change of status of a director, needs to organised with a notary, and details need to be recorded in the Mercantile Register

  • Name / Nombre
  • DNI (Identity number)
  • Officers type / Cargo – (member of the Board, president, company secretary, managing director)
  • Date of the deed / Fecha de la escritura
  • Residence / Residencia
  • Notarial protocol number / Número de protocolo
  • Notary – person who signs the certificate / Notario /
  • Date of appointment / Fecha de nombramiento – if available
  • Duration / Duración – if available

Company Accounts:

  • The latest filed Directors’ Report and Accounts – contents include: directors’ report, independent auditors’ report, profit and loss account, balance sheets, cash flow statement, notes on the cash flow statement and notes on the financial statements – if filed/available

Record of Lodging of Annual Accounts including:

  • Accounting year / Ejercicio
  • Date of lodgement of document / Fecha de depósito
  • General Ledger / Diario
  • Details of each file lodged / Depósitos
  • Accounting year-end date / Fecha de cierre
  • Date of legalisation of company books by registry / Fecha de legalización

Auditors details/ Auditores – (if available) including:

  • Name / Nombre
  • DNI (Identity number)
  • Date of appointment / Fecha de nombramiento
  • Inscriptio / Inscripción
  • Duration / Duración
  • Date of inscription / Fecha inscripción

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We can supply Company Search Reports on company’s registered in Spain. Please complete our form so we can assist with your Spain company search requirements, the search report is delivered to you via email as a PDF.