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Obtaining a Spanish NIE Number

To be appointed as a Director or Shareholder of a Spanish company you will need an NIE number – Número de Identidad de Extranjero.

The NIE is a process with the Police in Spain,  we can get a temporary NIE number for you from the Agencia Tributaria – the tax authorities

We will organise an appointment with the police or tax authorities to lodge the documents our fees for the services are as follows:

  • Obtaining your NIE per director / shareholder – £460
  • CIF number for a Company – £520
  • Dual Language Power of Attorney – £140 (English/Spanish)
  • Legalisation/Apostille of documents in country of origin

The tax authorities are willing to issue a temporary number to a person for a variety of reasons; for example when that person is a representative of a foreign company that wishes to invest in Spain, and where reasonable steps have been taken to get an appointment with the police.

NIE Number by Power of Attorney

You will need to sign a dual language (English/ Spanish) Power of Attorney, which is prepared and signed in the presence of a notary.

The notary will state that you are competent to sign and understand the text.  Once signed the PoA is sent back to us where we will arrange for it to be legalised for use in Spain..

We will draft a double language Power of Attorney (English-Spanish) and instruct you how to get this legalised with apostille for use in Spain.

Obtaining the NIE number:

– we complete the application form
– pay the state fee
– make the appointment
– visit the station and submit the documents
– return to the station to get the NIE document

We will also require an apostilled copy of the your passport – only the photo page is needed if the country is in the EU.  As the UK is not part of the EU, all pages of a passport are needed for UK citizens. This is usually achieved by getting a notary to check the original passport and getting the “notarial” copy signed.

NIE Number by visiting Madrid

If you can visit our office in Madrid, then we will accompany you to the Commissariat.

Notarial fee and recharge thereof and notarial copy of passport €200 and translator’s fee if a translator if needed €80

To obtain your NIE we will require:

  • A Power of Attorney notarised
  • Copy of your passport legalised for use in Spain

The Power of Attorney only gives us the authority to complete and lodge the application with the Commissariat, and obtain the document showing your NIE number.

Details we require for NIE application

  • Full Name
  • Sex
  • Passport Nº
  • Date of Birth
  • City of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Name of Father
  • Name of Mother
  • Marital Status
  • Reasons for your request NIE
  • Passport Certified Copy

Fiscal Identity Number for your Company in Spain (CIF)

  • CIF: The Certificado de Identificacion Fiscal (CIF) is the tax number for all companies in Spain. It serves as the VAT number.

If the shareholder is a Company it will need an identification number, a Código de Identificación Fiscal (CIF).

We require a Certificate of Good Standing  showing details of your company from the Companies Registry where the company is incorporated and this needs to be apostilled for use in Spain,  which we lodge this with the general tax service – Agencia Tributaria in Madrid.

Obtaining the identification number for a company will require a separate Power of Attorney.

Legalising a corporate body who will be shareholder

If a corporate body is going to be a shareholder, we need to legalise the company so they can sign public documents in Spain.

We therefore need:

  • a Power of Attorney so that we can get the company legalised, this to be signed by one director (unless joint signatures)
  • this Power of Attorney usually will include the power to incorporate a company on behalf of the shareholder
  • the Power of Attorney is signed by the person who will be a director of the Spanish company – we can also add a clause stating that this person accepts the directorship on incorporation
  • a Certificate of Good Standing from the registry stating that the company exists, stating details including incorporation date, registered office, type of company and director details, and needs to have an apostille for use in Spain
  • the transfer of share capital- the minimum for a limited company is €3000. We will deposit this money in a bank suspense account

Company Shareholder Documents required

French – require an updated KBIS form from the Registre de Commerce

German  – require a HRB Certificate from the Handelsregistereintragung

Netherlands – require a Uitreksel from the KVK (Chamber of Commerce)

Spanish – require a Nota Simple from the Registro Mercantil

USA – require a Certificate of Status from the Division of Corporations

UK – require a Certificate of Good Standing from Companies’ House