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Finland Company Credit Report

Finland Company Credit Report

Our Finland comprehensive Company Credit Reports include information from a variety of sources including the corporate registries, banks, industry groups and collection agencies. We use the most prominent local credit reference agency in Finland for the latest data on the company when compiling the Company Credit Report.

Finland Company Credit Report fees and Timescales

  • Company Credit Report: £188
  • Expedite fee: £75
  • Normal: 5 – 6 days
  • Expedited: 3 – 4 days

The Finland Company Credit Report is in English.

Expedited Finland Service

With the expedited service the company information is obtained in the quickest possible time, with our colleagues often physically waiting for the information from the company file at the registry and from other sources in Finland.

Contents of a Finland Company Credit Report

Company Profile including:

  • Company Name
  • Trade Register Number
  • Business ID Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Type – Limited company
  • Registered Office address and current contact details

Directors and Shareholders details:

  • Directors Details: Name, Position, Appointment Date and Country of Residence
  • Shareholder Details: Information on the shareholder, including percentage of share, appointment date
  • Authorised Signatures according to statutes
  • Corporate links of the Company Directors

Company Credit Rating including:

  • Credit Rating based on the financial statements
  • Maximum Credit Recommendation
  • Rating on finances, background and payments
  • Comparison to companies in same line of business
  • Comparison to financials of all Finland companies

Company Trading Details:

  • Date business started trading
  • Number of Employees
  • Line of Business
  • Trading Addresses
  • Registered Payment Defaults
  • Business Mortgages

Company Financials:

  • Profit and Loss Account (EUR)
  • Balance Sheet- incl total assets, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, equity and liabilities (EUR)
  • Summary of the financial statement analysis – Volume, Profitability, Solvency, Liquidity
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Auditor in last accounting period
  • Company Ratios

Company History:

  • Additional comments and information – where available

Finland Company Credit Report example

Order a Finland Company Credit Report

Our Finland Company Credit reports are freshly prepared in the timescale selected with the most current information available and filed by the company.

To proceed please complete the form below providing the company name and make payment via the secured payment process. The Finland Company Credit Report will be emailed upon completion.