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To incorporate an Srl in Costa Rica we submit the notarised documents to the Registro Publico; this will start the process of registering the company and obtaining the corporate identification number.

Costa Rica Incorporation – Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (Srl)

The Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada (Srl) is an alternative to the Sociedad Anónima (SA). SA’s require three directors, President, Secretary, Treasurer and two shareholders.

Srl’s are simpler to operate and only require one director and one shareholder.

Costa Rica Fees to IncorporateCosta Rica Annual Maintenance Fees
Company Formation – £1380Provision of Registered Office – £950
Provision of Registered Office – £950Government Tax Renewal – US$200
Government Fee – US$200Corporate Tax Renewal– US$130
Corporate Tax Fee – US$130Shareholder & Directors Register Maintenance –  £175
Company Secretary recommended – £400Company Secretary recommended – £400
Mail Forwarding – £450Mail Forwarding – £450

Srl Company Registration

We offer a complete incorporation package in Costa Rica that includes:

  • We confirm the availability of your new company name and reserve it with the Registro Publico
  • Appoint the Directors
  • The Articles of Incorporation (certificacion Literal) are notarised by a Costa Rican notary public
  • Issue your notarised “certificado de personaría jurídica” which confirms the existence of your company and lists who has signature authority
  • Legalisation of the company books which takes place at time of incorporation
  • Payment of Government fees
  • Publication in Costa Rica’s legal newspaper, La Gaceta
  • Register the incorporation with the Registro Publico
  • Registration of the company tax number takes place at the same time of incorporation
  • Registered Office and Registered Agent service
  • Issue of Share Certificates
  • Receive from the Registro Publico your “cédula de persona jurídica” – similar to a company registration number, this will allow your company to start trading
  • All documents and certificates supplied

Company Formation Requirements

In order to register a new company, the notary will publish the details in Costa Rica’s legal newspaper, La Gaceta. The announcement of the company’s formation must appear for a total of eight days.

Company Names

A Costa Rican company name must be unique and approved by the registry prior to incorporation. We will check the availability of your proposed company name and reserve it with the Registro Publico. The company name may be in English, provided it is accompanied with the corresponding Spanish translation.

Costa Rica Company Directors

Only one director is required to incorporate your Costa Rica Company with no restriction placed upon nationality.

Costa Rica Company Shareholders

Only one Shareholder is required for your company. There are no restrictions placed on nationality or residence.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners – UBO

All companies are required to disclose the details of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner to the Transparency and Final Beneficiaries Registry (Registro de Transparencia y Beneficiarios Finales, RTBF).

The personal information of the ultimate beneficiaries such as, contact information, passports, capital, type of shares and number of shares is required.

Authorised and Issued Share Capital

There is no minimum share capital for a Costa Rican company, we incorporate with an authorised capital of CRC10,000 (£14).

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation are notarised by a Costa Rican Notary Public, submitted to the Registry who will issue an official entity registration card number (cédula jurídica) and assign registration entry numbers (citas de inscripción).

Company Books

Company minute books are required for Costa Rican Srl’s. The legalisation process of the books takes place at the same time as incorporation. The books are registered with the Registro Nacional de Republica de Costa Rica.

Registered Agent

The Registered Agent (Agente Residente) must be a lawyer with a Costa Rican office address. We can assist with this.

Registered Office

All Costa Rican Srl’s must have a registered office. We can arrange one for you.

Company Tax Number

The registration of the company tax number as corporate ID takes place simultaneously with the incorporation.

Srl’s that do not carry out business activities in Costa Rica, are not subject to taxation.

Costa Rica Gambling – Data Processing License

Process obtaining a Data Processing License

The following is required in order to obtain a DPL:

  • Incorporation of a Costa Rican Srl
  • Registered Office confirmation
  • Employee risk insurance policy
  • Inspection from the Municipality
  • Ministry of Health Permit
  • Registration of employees with the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social
  • Grant Power of Attorney to the Agent in order for the license to be processed

All of which will all be handled by our agent.

Cost and Time Frame

  • Cost of DPL for the first year start from US$6500
  • Time to obtain a DPL is approximately 8 weeks