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  • Company number: BVI COMPANY NO. 531938
  • Gazette Release Date: 5 TH JUNE 2008
  • Gazette Volume: 32
Extract from Gazette: Pursuant to Section 213, subsection (3)(b) of the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that CRONUS INVESTMENTS INC., will be struck off the Register unless the Company, within thirty days from the date of this notice, appoints a Registered Agent.

Restore a company

The time frame allowed to restore a company without authorisation from the Commerical Courts is within 6 years of the official Strike Off date.

Restoring a BVI company after the 6 year period will require authorisation from the Commercial Courts which will drastically increase the cost of the restoration. An application to the court must be made within a 10 year period following the dissolution of the company or the company cannot be restored.

In order to begin the restoration process, we must obtain a company search report from the registry to confirm the outstanding penalties and filing fees in order to give an accurate quotation. Please complete our form if you are interested in restoring a company.