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USA Company Dissolution

File a Dissolution fees

£420 + state fees

Need your filing completed quickly, then for an additional £80 we will expedite the filings.

Dissolving a Corporation or LLC

A Corporation dissolution or an LLC cancellation is the formal closure of your company.

To legally end your Corporation or LLC you must dissolve your business with the Secretary of State in which it was incorporated.

Dissolutions requires a Director or Shareholder approval prior to filing and the company must be up to date with all taxes and all annual reports filings with the state.

Once your dissolution is approved, you may also need to file a form 966 Corporate Dissolution or Liquidation with the Internal Revenue Service.

Without a formal dissolution, your company remains “active” in the state records even if you are no longer doing business and therefore subject to all annual reporting fees and corporate tax payments.

If registered in other states

If you have registered to transact business (foreign qualified) in a state or states other than your state of incorporation, you need to dissolve in the state of incorporation and the state(s) of qualification.

We will:

  • Check current status of the company with the state of formation.
  • Prepare the Articles of Dissolution or Cancellation and any other required state forms.
  • Pay all required dissolution fees and final taxes to the state agencies.
  • Email of the completed documents to you

We can have your company dissolved in most states within a week, although a couple of states take 3-4 weeks and may require proof that taxes have been paid