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System Day | how we got our company name

System Day | how we got our company name

How we got our Company Name

It was a taxi driver in London who gave me the idea whilst we were chatting about “Sherlock Holmes”.

I mentioned one of the Sherlock quotes “we all see, but some of us observe”

He mentioned in France they have a word for that:

SystemD is a manner of responding to challenges that requires one to have the ability to think quickly, to adapt, and to improvise when getting a job done.

The term derives from the French term “Système D”. The letter D refers to any one of the French nouns, basically, it refers to one’s ability and need to be resourceful.

System D is a shorthand term that refers back to the French word dé brouillard, one who is skilled or resourceful at handling any difficulty.


Dewey Decimal System Day

December 10 is Dewey Decimal System Day. The day commemorates the birth of Melville Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System of library classification.

The system, first published in 1876, organizes library materials by fields. There are 10 main fields that are further divided into smaller, more specialized area. Libraries around to the world use the system to organize and classify their books.


System Day One definition

System Day One means the date of the first day on which the PayMode System is operated by Tech outside of Bank-controlled premises.