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Overdue Confirmation Statement / Overdue Accounts

Overdue Confirmation Statement / Overdue Accounts

The year end Accounts or Annual Return for your company are overdue and must be delivered to Companies House even if your company has not traded.

We can assist and prepare and file these for you, but it’s the responsibility of the directors to make sure company accounts are filed on time. There will be late filing penalties if they are filed late.

Our Accountancy Services

We provide accountancy services and can assist with ensuring your company accounts are filed before the annual deadline. Company accounts must be filed annually, regardless of whether your company is active or dormant.

We can also provide assistance with filing the following:

  • Confirmation Statement with Companies House
  • Corporation Tax return, for filing with HMRC

Tax Agent Service

In addition we can provide a Tax Agent service, advising your company on tax and deal with the HMRC required filings.

Company Secretarial Service

Delegate required company secretarial tasks including maintenance of statutory registers, share transfers and dividends. We can act as your Company Secretary and ensure your company meets the administrative requirements of the Registrar of Companies.

As the filing deadline has already passed the company will incur an automatic financial penalty, the amount the penalty will increase with the length of delay. Failure to comply with the filing requirements of the 2006 Companies Act in consecutive years will result in the penalty being doubled for the current year’s accounts.

If the company is no longer required you may be able to apply for it to be removed from the register by filing an application for voluntary strike off. We can provide this service

If you do nothing your personal obligations as directors would remain ands any company accounts would be frozen

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