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Protected Online Filing Scheme | PROOF

Protected Online Filing Scheme | PROOF

Protected Online Filing Scheme | PROOF

Precautions to combat corporate Identity Fraud on your company


Once we have the authentication code to file electronically, we can then sign you up to PROOF, the new PROtected Online Filing service, which is designed to reduce identity fraud and will only accept forms relating to changes of address and directors from you electronically.

PROtected Online Filing (PROOF) Service

Companies House is aware of the damage that can be caused by hijackers to companies which normally involve criminals changing the details of a company’s directors and registered office. To help combat company fraud, Companies House has introduced the PROOF (PROtected Online Filing) scheme.

To join the PROOF scheme, you will register you for the Companies House WebFiling Service.

The scheme is designed to help companies protect themselves from fraudulent filings as it prevents individuals from filing certain paper forms. The forms covered by the PROOF scheme are:

  • Appointments
  • Terminations
  • Change of Particulars – Company Officers
  • Change of Registered Office Address
  • Confirmation Statement (previously the Annual Return)

Once registered for the PROOF scheme, Companies House will normally reject any paper versions of these forms and send them back to the registered office address. This ensures that any changes made have been registered by the company itself.

Companies will be able to protect themselves from unauthorised changes to their company’s record as it prevents the filing of certain paper forms. These include documents for a change of particulars of company officers and the change of the registered office.

Registering your company for PROOF

Once your company is in the PROOF scheme, you can be assured that attempts to file the following forms on paper will be rejected:

  • Confirmation Statement (previously the Annual Return)
  • Change of Registered Office address
  • Appointment, termination or change of particulars of company officer

Filings covered by PROOF

The following filings are covered by the PROOF scheme:

  • Confirmation Statement (CS01)
  • Appointment of director (AP01)
  • Appointment of secretary (AP03)
  • Appointment of corporate secretary (AP04)
  • Change of director’s details (CH01)
  • Change of secretary’s details (CH03)
  • Change of corporate secretary’s details (CH04)
  • Termination of appointment of director (TM01)
  • Termination of appointment of secretary (TM02)
  • Change of registered office address (AD01)

The PROOF scheme will reject paper submissions of the above forms only; any other form type filed on paper can be accepted.

The following filings can be submitted using WebFiling

  • Notification of single alternative inspection location (SAIL)
  • Notification of location of company records to the single alternative inspection location
  • Change of location of company records to the registered office
  • Return of Allotments of Shares
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date
  • Audit Exempt Abbreviated Accounts
  • Dormant Company Accounts

WebFiling Service

Using WebFiling, the online filing service, is far safer and more secure way to send the statutory information than using paper forms sent by post.