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Spain Branch Office | Sucursal

Spain Branch Office | Sucursal

Spain Branch Office – Sucursal

We can register a Spanish branch office/ Sucursal for your company. If you wish to do business in Spain, but do not require an incorporated company, you can register a Branch which is administered like a company

To proceed, we need a resolution from the parent company to register a Spanish branch.

The resolution does not need to be legalised, but a Power of Attorney needs to be drafted in the name of the company by a director granting powers to us.

Process to Register a Branch

  • Register the branch with the tax authorities
  • Appoint a local officer
  • Lodge the registration documents with the Registry
  • An instruction by the person or people who are going to be officers of the branch.

Spanish Branch Office

Our Branch Registration service includes:

  • Ensuring a copy of the foreign company documents are apostilled, together with a Good Standing Certificate
  • Translating the documents into Spanish
  • Ensuring that the person appointed to administrate the branch has a fiscal identification (NIE) in Spain
  • Obtaining apostilled Powers of Attorney
  • Appointment with the notary, to draw up the incorporation deed
  • Obtaining a CIF number for the branch
  • Stamp the deed of registration at the regional tax office
  • Lodge the deed of registration in the Mercantile Registry

Accounting Requirements for Branches in Spain

  • It is compulsory to maintain accounts and file a Corporate Tax return/ Impuestos sobre sociedades even if the company has had no activity.

Documents to be filed

A company or a branch will have to lodge quarterly forms and statements, which include:

  • IVA/ VAT return
  • Return about rents paid and received; including the payment of withholding tax
  • A return about professional retention’s and advanced income tax retention’s for employees
  • Record of European inter-community sales and purchases

and once a year the following is required:

  • Corporation Tax return – this is a 50 page document, including balance sheet, record of movements of reserves and equity, profit and loss account and notes.
  • Annual VAT or indirect tax summary
  • Annual summary of payroll and professional retention details
  • Annual summary of rent withholding tax details
  • Intrastat records
  • Record of European inter-community sales and purchases

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