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Slovakia Company Credit Report

Slovakia Company Credit Report

Our Slovakia company credit reports contain information on the company, current financial data, registered capital, registration details, key management staff and major shareholders.

We conduct an investigation on the target company and include the latest information on the company held by the Slovakia Registry, credit recommendations are also included where financial data has been analysed.

Slovakia Company Credit Report fees and Timescales

  • Company Credit Report: £128
  • Expedite fee: £75
  • Normal: 5 – 7 days
  • Expedited: 2 – 4 days

The Slovakia Company Credit Report is in English.

Expedited Slovakia Service

With the expedited service the company information is obtained in the quickest possible time, with our colleagues often physically waiting for the information from the company file at the registry and from other sources in Slovakia.

Contents of a Slovakia Company Credit Report

A company credit report includes following information:

  • Company Name/ Obchodné Meno
  • Former Company Names
  • Company Registration Number/Identification Number/ Identifikačné číslo
  • Registered Office Address/ Adresa
  • Date of Incorporation/Registration date/ Dátum vzniku
  • Date of Termination/ Dátum zániku – where relevant
  • Company Type/Legal form/Právna forma – Spoločnosť s ručením obmedzeným – Private limited liability company (Spol. s r.o), Komanditná Spoločnos (k.s), Akciová Spoločnos (a.s)
  • Company status – active, in liquidation, insolvent, bankrupt
  • Tax Number/ DIČ
  • Vat Registration – if registered and date from
  • Main company Activity/ Predmet Podnikania – Nace Sector Code/ SK Nace – Number and description of company activities
  • Share Capital €
  • Shareholders and share details including: Shareholders name, Position in the company – partner, Percentage of shares held, Share value €
  • Representatives and and managers including: Name and Position in the company – company agent, executive head

Company Accounts including:

  • The latest filed Directors’ Report and Accounts – The latest filed Directors’ Report and Accounts – contents includes: balance sheets, profit and loss statement, ratio indicators, debts of the company- if filed/available

Credit Rating including:

  • Credit Rating – the company’s size, history and background, finance in comparison with the industrial averages, and operations, credit record are taken into consideration
  • Credit recommendations – Base credit limit

Slovakia Company Credit Report example

Order a Slovakia Company Credit Report

The Slovakia company credit report is prepared once we receive your order and includes includes latest financials accounts from the Slovak Republic Ministry of Justice. The Slovakia company credit report is delivered by email.