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Qatar Company Documents

Qatar Company Documents

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We can supply company documents and company searches from the Companies Registration Office in Qatar.

Qatar Company Document fees

Qatar Company Documents
Company Search Report£2283-5 days
Articles of Association Certified£2203-5 days
Expedite fee£752-3 days

Qatar Company Registration Office

Qatar Company Registry

The Qatar Companies Registration Office is responsible for:

  • Incorporating and registering entities in the QFC
  • Administering the QFC register
  • Receiving periodic QFC filings and notifications

Pursuant to the Companies Regulations, the Companies Registration Office maintains a register of Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships and Branches which are or have been registered with the QFC.

The Companies Registration Office  helps organisations comply with its licensing obligations in Qatar. In the interests of transparency, Qatar licensed company details and information are available including information about a company’s permitted activities.

Qatar Company Search Report

We can provide a Company Search, with the latest filed information from the Companies Registration Office including the legal status of the company, company registration details, director’s and shareholders’ details <where filed> and the current registered office address.

The company search also includes details from the Qatar Financial Regulatory Authority.

The contents of a Qatar company search report includes:

  • Company Name
  • QFC registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation/Registration
  • Previous Names History – Previous name, foreign character name, date from/cease date – if applicable
  • Company Registration Number
  • Licence Status – Licensed
  • Company Type – QFC LLC
  • Place of Incorporation – Qatar Financial Centre
  • Registered Office Address
  • Directors Names
  • Significant Shareholders
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Issued Share Capital
  • Financial year end date
  • Company Secretary

Licence details including:

  • Licence status
  • Date of Licence
  • Permitted Activities
  • Scan of Licence – where available

Details from Qatar Financial Regulatory :

  • Current Company Status – Authorised
  • Date of Current Status
  • Firm Status History
  • Approved Individuals at the company – Senior Management Function, Non-Executive Governance Function, Senior Executive Function, controlled function status and date approved
  • Registered Funds – where available
  • Enforcement & Disciplinary Actions – where available

Qatar Certificate of Incorporation

The Certificate of Incorporation of a QFC Firm is not a document that can be extracted and given to a third party, a copy can only be requested by the Qatar company.

Qatar Certificate of Good Standing

A company which is registered with the Qatar registry, is in Good Standing if they have filed and continued to file all statutory filings and paid all annual fees.

The Qatar Financial Centre will only issue the Certificate of Good Standing  direct to the company, not to third parties.

Articles of Association

The Qatar Companies Registration Office can provide a certified copy of a Company’s Articles of Association.