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Netherlands Company Documents

Netherlands Company Documents

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Netherlands Company Document examples

We specialise in incorporating BV Companies in the Netherlands and are familiar with the documents available from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce – Kamer van Koophandel (KvK).

Netherlands Company Documents fees

Netherlands Company Documents
Company Search Report£1882-4 days
Certificate of Good Standing Registry Certified£3002-4 days
Certificate of Good Standing Apostilled£50010-14 days
Expedite fee£75

Kamer van Koophandel (KvK)

As incorporation agents our experience with the Kamer van Koophandel in the Netherlands means we can obtain copies of company documents from the registry. We are able to conduct a company name search, obtain company search reports and obtain copies of official documents.

The Chamber of Commerce does not issue Certificates of Incorporation, the incorporate date appears in the Articles of Association (Statuten) as the date the deed was signed by the notary and we are able to obtain registry copies of the Articles of Association.

Netherlands Company Search Report

A Netherlands company report includes a registry extract with details of the company, confirms its existence and lists the latest company information filed at the registry.

A Netherlands company report includes:

  • Company Name/ Statutaire naam
  • Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number
  • RSIN number
  • Corporate seat/ Statutaire zetel
  • Company Type/ Rechtsvorm – every company has a certain legal form, e.g. commercial partnership (v.o.f.) or a private/ public limited company (B.V./ N.V.). This form is for registering a private/ public limited company (B.V./ N.V.) in the commercial register
  • Date of Incorporation/ Datum akte van oprichting
  • Registered Office Address/ Statutaire zetel
  • Activities of the company & SBI Code
  • Trade Name – The trade name is the name under which the company conducts business. This may be the same as the registered name of the company but it does not have to be
  • Company contact details- mailing address/postadres, telephone number/ telefoonnummer
  • Company Activities/ Activiteiten
  • SIC code
  • Subscribed Share Capital/ Geplaats t kapitaal
  • Paid up Share Capital/ Gestort kapitaal
  • Shareholder details – name/ naam, address/ bezoekadres, registration number/ Inges chreven onder KvK Nummer, commencement date/ Aandeelhouder sedert – where available   A single Shareholder’s name will become a matter of public record but, if more than one shareholder is appointed, the details regarding the identity of the individual shareholders are kept private.
  • List of Company Filings

Details on each Director & Authorised company officer including:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date became director of company
  • Competence – Authorised jointly
  • Latest filed financial statements – including financial statement with balance sheet, notes and, if relevant, income statement, annual report from the directors, other information such as the auditor’s report – if available

You will also receive a scan of the:

  • Current KVK Trade Registry Extract
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Register – where filed with the Chamber of Commerce

Netherlands Certificate of Good Standing

In the Netherlands they do not provide Certificates of Good Standing as in the other countries. A declaration from the Chamber of Commerce, a KVK Certificate is provided instead.

KVK Extract/ KVK Certificate

We can supply a KVK extract from the registry, this is an official certificate of registration, includes a summary of the company’s registration data, such as name and address, the date of establishment, and in most cases its officers. Information about the legal entity, the nature of the company and its registered offices are included. This information is presented in Dutch, we can provide an English translation upon request.

We can supply the KVK Extract as a dutch or English extract which is supplied as a digitally certified document provided from the Kamer van Koophandel.

Netherlands Company Documents

Copies of the official filed Dutch documents can be obtained for you from the Kamer van Koophandel. Company Documents we can provide include the following:

  • KVK Certificate – This document can be provided from the registry and translated to English upon request.
  • Deed of Incorporation – This document is in Dutch

Establishing the existence of a Dutch company and obtaining copies of official company documents held at the Kamer van Koophandel may be required for:

  • Due Diligence – confirmation of a company’s existence
  • Legal requirements – certified company documents

All documentation is presented in Dutch. Please email for a quote if you would like it translated.

The majority of incorporation in the Netherlands take the form of a B.V. (besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid) company, following the principles of a limited liability company.

A company incorporated in the Netherlands must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel).

All companies must file an annual financial statement and an annual return which will be available upon request from the Chamber. Shareholders registers must only be filed, and therefore publicly available, if the company has only a single shareholder.

Financial Statements

All companies registered in the Netherlands must prepare and file annual financial statements with the Chamber of Commerce, however, the amount of information required in the financial statement depends on the size of the company:

Small Companies

  • Balance sheet and notes – Not required
  • Profit and loss – Yes, but may be condensed
  • Principles and valuation determining the financial results explanatory notes – Yes, but may be condensed
  • Management report – Yes, but may be condensed

Financial statements must be prepared within five months following the year end.

Company Registers

For a company with a single shareholder, this persons name and details must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and is available for public inspection.

If the company has two or more shareholders the details regarding the identity and details of each shareholder is kept confidential.

Using an Apostille Certificate on your Company Documents

An Apostille certificate can be obtained for any company document. This is particularly useful if you intend to execute overseas business. We can assist you with documents legalisation.

The following list is an example of some of the many documents that we legalise:

  • KVK dutch extract/certificate
  • Deeds of Incorporation
  • Copy company Articles – usually only available in Dutch

We can supply the KVK Company extract in English with registry signature and Apostille, these take 5-7 days.

Netherlands Company Documents

We can provide copies of official company documents and conduct searches for companies registered in the Netherlands

Please complete our enquiry form, so we can assist with your company documents requirements.