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Liechtenstein company law

Liechtenstein Company Law

Trade Register in Liechtenstein

The Trade Register in Liechtenstein is a public register that keeps the record of the companies operating in the country.

The authority supervising the Trade Register is the Office of Justice of the Liechtenstein National Administration.

The functions of the Trade Register in Liechtenstein

The list below highlights the four main functions of the Liechtenstein Trade Register:

Company database: the primary function of the Register is to keep a record of the company’s existing in Liechtenstein

Company update: it is also the authority to handle any changes that may occur to during the functioning of a company

Company name database: the Register also records company names and once recorded here, the respective name may not be used by another legal entity

Issuing extracts: another function of the register is to issue extracts that specify company details in legalized or non-legalized forms.

One of the main functions of the Trade Register is to keep track of the important information of the companies registered in Liechtenstein:

  • the legal name under which an enterprise has been opened
  • the address of the registered office
  • information regarding the representative board of the company (managing director, the board of directors, holders of proxy)
  • the amount subscribed as the share capital, if any.

Another main function of the Trade Register is to publish, examine and control the information submitted by the companies.
Apart from handling information about registered companies, the Commercial Register or the Trade Register is the one that can offer company name clarifications.
It is the role of the Register to receive company address changes, company management changes as well as changes in the personal details of the company’s managing directors. When new members are appointed or dismissed, this action is also notified to the register.

The Register can be publicly accessed and any interested individuals can submit an inquiry to receive information about a company of interest. The information available to the general public is only partial and a complete report about the status of a company and its details can be ordered for a fee.