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Italy companies registry

Italy Company Registry – Registro Imprese

The Italian Business Register, the Register of Protests, the Trademarks and Patents Archive are official databases where 6 million companies, 10 million people, 900,000 financial statements and over a million trademarks are filed each year.

The Italian Business Register  can be defined as the register of company details: it contains information (incorporation, amendments, cessation of trading) for all companies with any legal status and within any sector of economic activity, with headquarters or local branches within the country, as well as any other subjects as required by law. In other words the Italian Business Register provides a complete picture of the legal position of each company.

The Italian Business Register is a public register provided for within the Civil Code since 1996, by the Italian Law in relation to the reorganisation of the Chambers of Commerce and subsequent Implementing Regulations.

The Italian Business Register Office at each Chamber of Commerce has the following features:

  • Provincial jurisdiction
  • Managed using computerised techniques
  • Managed by the local Chamber of Commerce, under the supervision of a Judge, appointed by the Presiding Judge of the Court of the provincial capital
  • Governed by a curator appointed by the board duly represented by the Secretary General or a director of the Chamber of Commerce who will ensure the correct management of the Italian Business Register in accordance with any provisions on the subject and any decisions made by the Register Judge

The Italian Business Register is a register of Italian companies details and contains company incorporation information, amendments and cessation of trading for all Italian companies. The register provides a complete picture of the legal position of each Italian company and the current legal status.

Italian Chamber System

The Italian Chamber system consists of 105 Chambers of Commerce, one for each Italian province.